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Hello! I’m Lauren K. Lancy — a designer and trend forecaster from New York City. For a decade, I worked with some of the world's largest apparel brands to create womenswear and kidswear collections. During those years, I found myself becoming less interested in mass-market fashion and more curious about the work of small-scale makers. I was living in Brooklyn where there was a ‘Makers Movement’ happening and, when I traveled internationally, I saw artisans in villages making truly ‘small batch, single origin’ textiles and community-specific crafts learned from their parents and grandparents.

In December of 2012, I packed my apartment into a storage unit and moved to Southeast Asia to learn about traditional arts and collaborate with artisans. After spending 18 months meeting makers in Laos and Thailand, I wanted to share their stories. I launched THE KINDCRAFT in 2014 to explore how heritage craft and contemporary ‘slow made’ goods fit into our fast-paced, modern lives.

THE KINDCRAFT puts traditional artisans and modern makers on the same platform, publishing image-rich profiles and interviews, including detailed features about materials and processes. My goal is to stimulate better "design thinking", challenge mass-market producers to improve their supply chains, and celebrate independent makers who create with their hands and their hearts.

I approach things in the same manner as when I worked for industry-only fashion trend forecasting servicesaiming to inspire creative people and provide readers with useful resources. I’ve personally visited and photographed trade shows, design fairs, maker studios, and craft villages all around the world and, now with help from our growing roster of contributors, our high-quality content is even more global. We've published stories from Brooklyn, Bangladesh, Lima, London, Laos, Tokyo, Timor — and more.

This isn't armchair journalism: We actually go to the places we write about and meet the makers!

Our interviews with experts cross borders and challenge existing boundaries. We do in-depth profiles about independent, ethical brands and cover key events, providing designers with helpful trend guidance. Our features go deep into the process of making, looking both at traditional methods and how they’re being renewed. We've also taken a careful look at the changing consumer culture in emerging markets, fair labor practices, and human rights issues in the fashion industry.

Over the last three years, THE KINDCRAFT has grown an enthusiastic and engaged audience for its design-focused, longform journalism.

We've created a platform for people:
  • Who love design;
  • Who shop for products that feel alive, not mass-produced;
  • Who want to see natural materials and heritage techniques used in contemporary ways;
  • Who like to get into the details of process;
  • Who are conscious consumers that care about worker well-being and the environment.

I'm writing this from my adopted home in Chiang Mai, Thailand (my stuff is still in that storage unit in New York). I've completely devoted myself to this project and I've never taken any sort of salary or even recaptured my costs. Our contributors have also donated their writing, their photography, and their expertise in order to support our community. I'm so grateful for their generosity — but we really need to be able to pay for the professional work that they've been giving us.

We're asking our community to support these stories!

We’re excited about the idea of creating a Patreon community which backs the unique work we do — and which helps us to do even more!

$2,000/month — Our online magazine has always been totally independent and free to our readers. Funding at this level ensures that our current costs are covered and that we can avoid putting things like paywalls, sponsored content, and ads on the site. Once we reach this funding level, we'll begin commissioning some stories, videos, and photography projects that we've been really wanting to bring you, but which need some financial backing to complete.

$4,000/month — More articles, more videos, more collaborations and events. We’ll use this to pay our contributors more and to make some improvements to our website.

$6,000/month — We want to build a real-life community that you can join and, at this level, we’ll start to do special events and new collaborations!

Thank you for following along on our journey and supporting us as we go!
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