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Creating a forum for charitable political discussion

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About The Motte

The Motte is a place for people who want to move past shady thinking and test their ideas in a court of people who don't all share the same biases. Our goal is to optimize for light, not heat; this is a group effort, and all commentators are asked to do their part.

This community has existed for a difficult-to-define number of years. We split off to form our own subreddit, and have since moved to a completely standalone site.

Running your own site, and maintaining a viable community on that site, is difficult. We're asking for funding, first to help with server costs. Funds past that amount will be used to help grow the site. There's a lot of paths this could take, including advertising, hiring an editor to work on a Best Of page, increasing available development time for requested features, and doubtless many more ideas proposed by our userbase. None of this can happen without support.

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