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Thank you for the support. I truly appreciate it. You help to make things possible, like this project.
We can change this hobby/sport for the better together.

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About THEQuagraine

*Podcast is up!
NNRC Podcast

*Invisible Speed - The Definitive Guide To Scale Motorsports Setup Book
is done!

*Invisible Speed - Online Course is done

Thank you for the support!

If there are enough people out there that want to see this happen, this is what I will create:

1. A comprehensive 1:8th Buggy Guide physical book, that you can carry with you, including setup advice and theory, practicing, testing and racing advice. Everything I have learned over the years, as well as quotes and points from other professional racers. DONE!!!
2. An electronic pdf of the same thing. DONE!!!
3. Videos, explaining and highlighting the effects of setup changes, as well as driving skills and techniques, along with line choice. DONE!!!
4. A setup guide app, so you can easily and fast figure out what to do at a race.
5. Build up An RC Think tank, with helpful, free information for race organisers, clubs and tracks. Race formats, schedules, weekly programs for kids, ways to attract and encourage participation in this great hobby. Basically do what our federations SHOULD be doing. Lead by example, promote and grow the sport.

In 2015 I began writing a blog, I wrote every day, mostly at night when I should have been sleeping. Ten's of thousands of people read it monthly, and an increasing amount of people kept asking for more. Then I quit.

Some people said I should do a podcast instead. They would listen they said. Well I wasn't very keen. But here's the deal. How about I get someone else to host the podcast, and I'm just a guest? Well that's exactly what... we will do, but if we don't manage to get support for it, then we can't keep it running for very long. If you want to hear opinions, get some useless advice, hear about behind the scenes stuff, along with juicy rumours, let's make it happen! WE DID! Still going strong!

I also created a guide for 1:8th buggies that racers print out and carry with them to races, regardless of what car brand they run. I feel it's outdated, and could be improved quite a bit.

Creating a good, comprehensive guide for maintaining and setting up a 1:8th scale buggy, practicing, testing, preparing for a race, racing, and making the most of your hobby, takes a lot of time, and if you want to do it right, money also.

Someone suggested Patreon, so let's see how bad all of you really want entertaining, educational, and even motivational content. Enraging content is no problem also. If enough of you support this Patreon page, even if it is just a one $ a month, I can pay to get pictures taken, videos produced, an app made, and a physical book printed!

Of course I provide a lot of free racing, preparation, and setup advice, and yes of course you can continue to benefit from it totally free, but if you want more of it, and better quality stuff, then a little support will go a long way.

Here are a few blog posts I have written in the past:

Talent vs. Skill
The Art of Testing
Anti Squat

It's up to you!
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