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About The Social Exchange



Zach Rhoads  (producer and host)
Zach Rhoads is an addiction expert and a developmental consultant for children and families. Zach is coauthor (with is coauthor (with Dr. Stanton Peele) of the book Outgrowing Addiction: With Common Sense Instead of "Disease" Therapy. 

Aaron Ferguson  (producer and sound engineer)
Aaron is a substance use counselor, musician, and audio engineer. He writes and speaks about addiction, religion/atheism, and his own youthful maze of escaping a cult as a child, life on the streets of California, elite special forces training, overcoming addiction, and seeking scientific solutions to social problems. 

Both Aaron and Zach work as counselors in Dr. Stanton Peele's online Life Process Program 


We interview world-famous intellectuals about social topics such as

Patron or not— you will hear regular honest discussions about complex social topics with the world's leading experts.

We explore a range of social issues through the lens of Social Psychology. We're especilly fascinated by human development and addiction.  


To explore social problems and collaborative solutions through rigorous and honest dialectic.


We are optimistic that, although creating a perfect society is not an option, creating an excellent one is possible. And an excellent society means excellent communication, of which free speech is a key ingredient.

We follow a few basic principles on The Social Exchange Podcast to ensure free speech and great communication is the rule: 

      -  Understand that we are all fallible
      -  Engage with people whose views contradict our own
      -  Revise our beliefs amid sufficient evidence
      -  Embrace uncertainty, rather than run from it. 

Like it or not we need one another; when we work together in the right way, we can become greater than the sum of our individual parts.

Unfortunately, logical fallacies and cognitive biases can stymie our efforts. These bugs in our software are often subtle and go undetected. We'll need to be proactive and flexible in order to overcome them. We can do this by participating in a social exchange...


Beginning in August 2019, you will hear (AT LEAST) two shows per month:   one on the 1st of each month; one on the 15th. 

WHY DONATE (what’s in it for YOU)?

     1.  Honest Dialogue
There is plenty of noise out there on the news and elsewhere, but it can be difficult to find in-depth investigation of social topics. You can trust us to generate exactly those types of discussions in an honest and fair manner!

      2.  You’d Like to Join Something Big
Being part of the podcast means that you will have a say in what, how, and when content is delivered to thousands of listeners. Doing this is a great way to help bring about saner, more just discussions in search of what is true. Regrettably, the dismissal of well-established truths has become ubiquitous; your participation is more important than ever!  

      3.  Support the Culture of Free
The "culture of free" isn't all bad. It has helped people to have a voice who would never have otherwise been heard, and it opens up the doors of information for all to freely pass. Freedom of information is great, but there are also questions to be answered regarding the quality, frequency and responsiveness of content you would like to receive. With your help we can continue to provide quality content to those who cannot afford to participate, and you can rest assured that you'll be credited for our continued ability to do so. We'll also rain podcast archives, access to the creators, influence on where the show goes, and much more (see tiers) on anyone who joins.   

When it comes down to it this podcast is about the listeners; without you this wouldn't be a thing. We need your feedback, participation, and support to keep the lights of balanced dialogue burning bright, and whatever support you can manage will make heaps of difference in this regard. 

Our Promise To You

1)  We will explicitly acknowledge any helpful feedback related to improving the podcast, and with permission name and thank the source of that feedback during our episodes.

2)  We will take into consideration all suggestions about who to have as guests, and when given permission we'll give a shout out to whoever recommended them.

3)  We will provide exclusive content to Patreon subscribers, and prioritize access to the content as well as any feedback on how to improve it.

4)  We will use donations wisely to boost show quality and quantity.  

    We're also setting milestones (See "goals" section or details). 

We are beyond grateful. Thank you and welcome to The Social Exchange
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When we reach $150per month, we will create a monthly 3-part series. (Round-table patrons will help generate series topics and guests)
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