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About Marc Davis

I created The Thoughtful Gamer to provide a high-quality board game reviews, strategy guides, and discussion about board game culture.  Soon after beginning I started a bi-weekly podcast. Then I expanded that to include off-week podcast features. Now I even stream games occasionally, and I'm in the process of dipping my toes into the world of video reviews and how to play videos.

But at the core, I remain committed to what it says on the tin: a thoughtful, critical perspective of board games and the community around them. I think there's a lack of truly quality board game discussion and analysis out there, and I want to help fill that void. I want to become a trusted source for honest, optimistic, and critical reviews.

Where Is This Money Going?

Now I'm looking for your help to keep The Thoughtful Gamer going. I've been doing this for years, and overall, even with my amazing supporters, it's not made money. 2022 is the year this project needs to start making money or it does not continue in its current form. Your support will pay for hosting and other miscellaneous fees, convention attendance, equipment replacement, and justification that this project is worth continuing.

What's In It For You

I've lined up some awesome rewards for you all that I think you'll find enticing. At the base "supporter" tier I'm giving you a peek behind the curtain. Watch all of our podcasts on live-stream and get access to patron-only parts of the discord channel. Read my monthly newsletter that covers my thoughts and musings on all of the non-board game media I've watched, listened to, and read over the previous 30 days.

At the patron tier you get deeper access. You'll get early access to design notes for all of the game designs I periodically work on. You'll also get to see the entire "master folder" where I store ideas and write all of my posts.

And if you want to be a producer, you get the ultimate recognition. A verbal shout out on the podcast and your name in the credits of every video. Plus after 6 months of producer-level support you get to collaborate with us. Want to talk about your favorite game on the podcast with us? We'll make it happen. Want to just chill and stream some digital games? We can do that.

The most exciting part for me is that everyone will get access to an exclusive Discord server to chat about games. I plan on being very active there and post about what I've been playing, what looks interesting in games news, and whatever's on my mind. It'll be an awesome community of board game fans!
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Bananagrams Livestream. I'll livestream the game that makes me the most angry in the entire world just for patrons. Friends will be there to mock me. I'm sure it'll be a great time had by all, minus myself.
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