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About The Weekly Listen

I’ve always enjoyed listening to a wide variety of music. And I try to mix up my listening as much as possible. Inspired by the great conversations about music on, and on the advice of my friend Alec Pulianas, I decided to start a new microcast featuring my take on a different music track every week. I’ll offer my brief thoughts on the music and my reaction to it. The show notes will always include a link to the track on Spotify and Apple Music so you can listen in as well.

Some weeks, the show will be a discovery of something you have not heard before. Other times it will be old favorites you haven’t listened to in ages. Some songs will make you smile. Some won’t be your cup of tea. The hope is to generate a continuous conversation about music. 

Friends of mine will know that while my musical tastes lean a bit in the direction of progressive rock, I also listen to tons of jazz, pop, rock, classical, and many other genres. This isn’t about a particular category of music so much as a way to get a conversation started about the joy of music in general.

With that conversation in mind, then, I encourage listeners to post their reactions and feedback on to the tracks featured in the show. What did you think? What are your ideas about what makes this music great? What tracks would you like to hear me cover in a future episode?

Music is an infinite source of joy and inspiration for me. I hope this little show will be a reflection of that, and I hope it inspires a similar joy in others.

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