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About The World of Apu

The World of Apu
is a multi-lingual, bimonthly, online film magazine. We aim to be a diverse and inclusive space for cinema.

What do we publish?

Short answer: Anything, as long as it is related to cinema!
Long answer: Film analysis, personal essays, interviews, reports from film festivals, art work, photography, fiction and poetry

The people behind The World of Apu

We are Ramchander and Anusha. We met on a film blog, and we enjoy cinema and writing. We've come to understand we enjoy running this magazine even more. We know the phrase 'passion project' is overused, but that really is how we started. 

What have we done so far?

We are just over a year old, with eight issues behind us. We come out with a new issue every two months, on the tenth—sometimes on Singapore Time, other times on Pittsburgh Time. We have published works in English, Tamil, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Czech, Danish, Hindi (along with their English translations, always). 

Why are we on Patreon?

Running this magazine takes time and effort, we know that. But it also takes money: to keep the website running, to create quality features month after month, to attend film screenings.

Eventually, we would like to be able to compensate our enthusiastic contributors, work with other editors for specific languages; and possibly come out with a print anthology. These are our goals for the future. For now though, we would simply like to keep this magazine going. Pledge as little (or as much) as you like!

What do you get? 

You will get virtual sparkles and hugs from us, certainly a few film recommendations if you want those, a nicely worded thank you letter. We value your generosity. Be sure to take a look at the tiers for all the details. 

Support us as we explore film cultures from around the world; experience cinema in new ways with us. Let us keep The World of Apu free for all!
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