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Alexander Smith

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About Alexander Smith

HEY! It's me, Alex! I am a queer, african-american artist, poet, writer, DJ, essayist, collage artist, curator, and musician. My work speaks directly to the futuristic aspects of life as a non-binary black person navigating through the chaos and uncertainty that is Philadelphia. I am a member of the Metropolarity sci-fi collective and the singer of chaos punk band Solarized (, as well as the curatorial force behind Laser Life and Chrome City and other events that galvanize, center and empower queer and POC involvement in the arts. I'm also a barista!

Splitting my time between a myriad of projects and artistic endeavors and working for the man has gotten to be extremely burdensome. After losing a decent paying job at the end of 2015, I have struggled to make ends meet, struggled to find even simple things like food, to pay my bills, to afford transportation. It's been with the contributions of friends and family and my partner Shane that I've managed to even survive thus far. The stress of having to slog through bad, horribly paying jobs has affected my work. As well, I'm currently the caregiver for my beloved partner Shane who has suffered a debilitating stroke at a young age. This caused me to divert many funds and grants won in the past year to taking care of him. He is doing quite well but there's still a long way to go for his recovery, there are still staggering hospital and nursing home and rehab co-pays. Helping me would, without a doubt, also be helping him!

I know, I know, there's plenty of starving artists out there. We all deserve some compensation for our work, no doubt! But despite my recent success-- getting published in anthologies like Stories for Chip, a dedication to Samuel Delaney, being published in the November 2016 issue of ISLAND Anthology from Image Comics or self-publishing my own comic with Jacob Mazer, I am still an outsider when it comes to finding funding, navigating the world of writing grants, or finding investors. All of that is foreign to me. I believe that my future projects are of high value to the community I serve. Queer, trans, non-binary, LGBT spectrum folks, particularly LGBT spectrum folks of color, are highly devalued and underrated and misused by the mainstream. My work seeks to empower them. But I need a moment, I need time away from the grind to do so. This means time away from work. So, with this patreon I pledge to use all funds to focus exclusively on my art, writing and music. By funding me you will see the completion of novellas, scripts, screenplays, TV and film concepts, comic books, the final issue of my zine ARKDUST as well as a novelized compilation of ARKDUST stories and art, and even more!

Yes, that's a lot, but if I'm dedicated and focused-- and at the age of 40 I certainly need all the help I can in that regard-- then I can get this done. We can get this done. Join me on the journey.

love and rage,
$159 of $1,200 per month
My first goal is to reach $1,200 per month. This will pay for my bills as I proceed to make art, curate shows and events that support other marginalized artists, finish writing projects like screenplays and TV show concepts that center queer people of color, work on comics for indie and self publishing, and continue to make music and perform for various bands (Solarized, The Zodiac Vein, Trash Panther) and even more! The breakdown is for rent, utilities, cell phone, public transit, food. I keep my expenses very simple, but as you know they certainly can be expensive no matter how thrifty one can be. The funds will help free up time, space and energy for me to concentrate on the work and less on working for "the man" (typically i work in the food industry, which can be extremely stressful, long hours and intense, diverting concentration from my writing).
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