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About Thirza Cuthand

Hi! I'm a video artist/filmmaker who has made videos which can roughly be described as experimental, but which I think are also entertaining and leaning more towards narrative. I'm also a scriptwriter, trying to get some feature film projects off the ground. Right now I am working on a feature film about supernatural kick ass powers.

A lot of the work I create is made about my communities, Queer, Indigenous, Mental Health Consumers/Survivors, Women, 2 Spirit people, Non-Binary/Genderqueer kinda stuff. I've screened in festivals internationally since 1995. But I am also extremely low income, and it shows in my work. I have been lucky enough to get funding now and then for projects, but MANY of my videos and films have been made with the budget of 100 dollars or so. And let's face it, artists are low paid. Some festivals, strike that, MANY festivals do not pay artist fees at all. I have screened a lot of work for free. And it's been fun when I can travel with my art to screen it somewhere, but that doesn't happen all the time. Usually it's just me writing down another screening in my resume and uploading a screening copy through Dropbox or Wetransfer.

What draws me to Patreon is the ongoing support of friends and fans that might be able to help me continue as a full time artist. Even if I can make enough that I don't have to get a full time job, that I can get a part time job AND do this so I can keep devoting time to my art, that would be ideal.

I write a lot besides making videos. I have been a blogger for a long time and sometimes I have interesting things to say that I don't feel like making a video about. If you back me here, you'll be able to read some more exclusive blog content. Maybe even some angry rants, which let's face it everyone can appreciate.

Thanks for checking me out! The more support I get, the more things I can make, and the more things I can make, the better the world will be for people from my communities. Representation of marginalized people is my favourite thing!
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