Creating Art-nude images, BTS content, and photography tutorials.

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Here you will find a bunch of my images like they were created - including most of what I post on Instagram but without censorship. You will also find some shorter behind-the-scenes movies and some other tidbits. Expect 6-10 posts per week.
If you used to subscribe to my OnlyFans account - this is for you.
And you will have Access to my private discord server (with a closed forum for image critique where you can post #NSFW images and more).

The price of this tier is less than what you pay for two cups of coffee in most of the western world, yet the value is considerably larger.
I create images in a unique way, and I would prefer to keep it this way.
Creating images cost money, though, and quite frankly, I need your support to be able to continue creating.
By supporting me here, you enable me to keep producing images that will empower women and show off their many-faceted personalities, and stunning beauty.

I know you are used to content being freely available on the internet, but this is an illusion:
Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google are driven by advertising. You don't pay for the content; instead, you are the product these companies sell to advertisers.
I rely on Patreon and the sale of my fine-art books and prints as a continued source of income.
This income allows me to afford to pay models, be able to travel for shoots, and take time out from work to spend time to photograph and retouch the images I create.
Like everyone else, I need to pay rent and buy food, and without income from my images, I can't afford to create them.
And even a small sum from you equivalent to a couple cups of coffee does make a difference.
Thanks for your support!
Includes Discord benefits
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Limited (38 remaining)
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This is my main Patreon Tier. To really follow and support my artistic endeavors, this is where you want to pledge.
If you are a photographer, this will be an investment in your future as you will find beautiful uncensored nude images and my thoughts behind creating them the way I did, notes on lighting, selection of lenses, and various tutorials.
In this tier, you will get access to all material in lower tiers and:

  • Uncensored images from new and previous photoshoots
  • Extra outtakes from shoots and the occasional link to exclusive raw galleries from some of my shoots.
  • Larger series of images
  • Exclusive access to Behind the scenes and other video material 
  • Post-production tutorials 
  • Information on Lighting setup
  • Access to my private discord server (with a closed forum for image critique where you can post #NSFW images and more)
  • And many other things
  • Includes Discord benefits

    The Vault

    per month
    The vault grants you access to all the material on my lower tiers, and an archive over all my Patreon posts.
    So if you want access to the full archive this is where you want to go. 
    In addition, this is where I occasionally post time-limited access to my more valuable online tutorials that you would otherwise pay 2-3 times more to access on

    And of course you have access to my private discord server (with a closed forum for image critique where you can post #NSFW images and more)

    For me, your supports in this tier mean a large helping hand and substantial support of my photographic efforts.

    Includes Discord benefits



    About thomasholmphoto

    Hi there, and thanks for making your way to my Patreon page.
    I'm Thomas Holm, a former advertising photographer, now primarily producing fine art images with artistic nude content. 

    I have a good presence on social media like Instagram and Twitter.
    However, I've been missing a place where I can post the uncensored images and behind the scene videos and images from the shoots, information on locations, tutorials on photography, lighting, editing, and so on. 

    Patreon is my outlet for all that.

    If you are a photographer or want to improve your photography, you will especially enjoy the Photographers tier.
    If you are more into just watching my images and some BTS videos uncensored, the Connessieur tier is likely a better alternative for you.
    And if you want "the full monty," try the Vault tier. 
    Remember, you can always upgrade or downgrade your level.
    All tiers will have access to my Private discord server, where we can do group critique, post #nsfw images, and exchange experiences.

    When you support me via this site, you will be able to find behind the scenes videos, images, as well as the finished art, and a lot more besides production notes and onwards images and videos that will show lighting as well as information on exactly where I shot the images, notes on locations, working with models, etc. 

    Most of the content I shoot is non-commercial.
    Needless to say, photography is a rather expensive hobby, especially if you use beautiful locations and work with professional models.

    And I do as often as I can.

    I'm hoping to have YOU and other fans help fund my imaging adventures, so I can continue to shoot images that herald the human body in a non-sexual way, empower women so you can view them, and benefit in whatever way you prefer.

    So what can you expect regarding updates?
    I have hundreds of unpublished BTS videos and thousands of images, so the back catalog guarantees a constant flow of content, and the majority will make it on Patreon.
    However, I will continuously create new content to offer good value for your money! Updates are usually 6-10 times a week for the Coinnesseur tier.
    The Photographer's and Vault tiers will get the same 6-10 posts and 2-3 more elaborate posts per week. 

    Some of the posts I will leave up permanently, but most will be deleted after around 2 months from the Coinnesseur and Photographers tiers but left permanently on the Vault tier. 

    Boring legal stuff:
    All content published on thomasholmphoto's Patreon account is exclusive copyrighted material belonging to Thomas Holm Photography. It is illegal to distribute or publish any content from this site, including but not limited to videos, link to videos, photographs, and text, or any other content that is posted here.
    You may not screenshot or screen record any private content whatsoever. No exceptions.
    Violation of this will result in appropriate legal action, and by doing so, you will at the same time be removed immediately and will not be given a refund.
    If you sign up and later delete your pledge, you do not get a refund.

    Harassment or derogatory speech of any kind will result in immediate termination of your membership to thomasholmphoto's Patreon, and no refund will be given.

    By signing up for thomasholmphoto's Patreon, you agree to be 18 years or older, and you agree to these terms and conditions.

    When you sign up for this, your credit card will be charged immediately, and if you later decide to drop your pledge after having access to the tier you signed up to, you will not get a refund.

    This means that if you sign up on, say, the 25th. For a month, your card will be charged there and again on the first of a month. Next billing is on the following 1st, Of the next month. I wish it would not be this inflexible, but that is how Patreon works, and I have no control over this.

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