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About Gordon McDowell

Thorium is an abundant energy resource. Molten Salt Reactors (MSR) are the means by which thorium can be turned into pollution-free energy. This is based on decades old research now in the public domain.

This is not "thorium car" nonsense.

China's state-run Academy of Science, and free-market efforts like Canada's Terrestrial Energy, USA's Flibe EnergyBill Gates's TerraPower,  Elysium Industries & ThorCon are all developing Molten Salt Reactors.

MSR will cost far less than conventional nuclear, and offer a wide array passive safety options instead of engineered safety strategies found in today's reactors. Passive safety features depend on physics (gravity), not diesel powered pumps (Fukushima).

Our current choice of nuclear reactors stem from nuclear powered subs (and other military considerations) rather than an optimal solution for power, ocean-water desalination and medical isotope production.

I've run 3 Kickstarter campaigns to help fund Thorium Remix footage acquisition, and pay for video editing equipment. Those were invaluable. We captured China's MSR announcement in Shanghai, and every Thorium conference since. We upgraded my video editing software. Every lecture video I've released since 2011 is thanks to Kickstarter support.

Since early 2013 I've been time constrained. This is now a part-time effort, and so was unable to release an "annual" remix until THORIUM REMIX 2016 ("Thorium").

I'm asking you for $1 / yearly Thorium Remix release.

Technical lectures and/or interviews are part of my production process and intended to educate folks already interested in Thorium. But it is the Thorium Remix videos that have the biggest impact, and for which I'm asking your help.

So far, I've collected 9 million views on my own channel, and over 10 million hours of MSR education content has been watched. Copies of my edits on other people's YouTube accounts have collected far more.

While I don't claim to have -the- solution to convincing -everyone- that Thorium, MSR and Nuclear Power should be aggressively pursued, I do have ample feedback that my videos have convinced many people... some even going so far as to become nuclear engineers today, based on my 2011 video efforts.

Cancelling support is super-easy, should any year's Thorium Remix video not meet your expectations. Supporters will preview early edits, and I look forward to your peer-review feedback.

With (or without) your support I'll continue creating Thorium and Molten Salt Reactor videos. I can inform the world about Thorium & Molten Salt Reactors much more effectively dedicating full-time hours to it, releasing a new remix every year, and enabling independent permutations to circulate widely.

Heartfelt thanks for your support, -Gord
$15,669.78 of $50,000 per Yearly Thorium Remix
Income to work on Thorium & MSR videos full-time. Including travel time.

Would also include travel costs, equipment rental, software rental (Adobe CC), high-speed internet for uploading, hosting of large video files.

I also run a $1/day AdWords campaign to test videos off random YouTube users (not search-results campaign). As I start to introduce a large number of videos (soon) I'd like to increase this to $3/day to collecting meaningful data on a large number of test videos.

Music was licensed from KiloWatts. He is forgoing AdSense revenue to help propagate Thorium. When I do succeed in propagating Thorium wildly he'd like to have additional licensing revenue to replace the foregone AdSense revenue. (Years ago he white-listed my channel, but effective propagation required "white-listing" all of YouTube.)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 39 exclusive posts

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