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T. M. Suffield

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Support my writing at nuakh and elsewhere. You're paying to keep the site ad-free and all of my work available to anyone. Thanks for helping to pay my web hosting!

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As well as supporting my work you will be able to suggest new ideas for future posts. I can't promise to write them all, but I can commit to writing some of them (we'll formalise a process for this soon).
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When I come up with some other things to offer you, they'll go in this tier. For now, you just love my work and want to support me. Thank you!
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About T. M. Suffield

Thank you for being interested in supporting my work at nuakh. I blog and write longer resources which I'm committed to giving away for free as much as possible, your support both shows your appreciation and allows me to continue releasing work for free.

The current goal is to keep the website ad free. I've got a lot of ideas for future development, but that does of course depend on your support to allow me to do so. I'd hope to give supporters a say in how things develop in the future if finances allow.
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