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per finished artwork.

Like a cup of coffee - but much more effective!  


  • You support the creation of new artwork for this project.
  • You will get to vote for new themes + can suggest new vote choices.
  • Access to newly created pictures one day ahead of the public.
  • Higher resolution, way less compressed files.
  • Access to supporter forum.
  • Access to the supporter exclusive Discord. 
  • Access to archive of previous pictures created for the project after you supported me for 4 or more artworks with this tier.


per finished artwork.

When you want to give more and get more use out of it~


  • Exclusive access to alternate versions for each picture (usually 2-3, sometimes more).
  • Access to entire archive (including alternate versions for past pictures) for the project after you supported me for 4 or more artworks with this tier.



About Todex

Welcome to my Art Project on Patreon. Glad to have you here! :D

So what is it that I'm doing? Easy!
The art I create is theme-based, meaning every 2 months I will compile a list of interesting themes (various categories such as game franchises, movies or TV shows, broader categories of characters, etc.) based on your input and have you vote for your personal favorites.
The winners of the vote will then get a batch of new artwork created by me in the following 2 months.
This usually means high quality Rule34, and there's also a category now for which I'mma come up with original characters of my own design.~

You're invited to take a look through my galleries on FA/Paheal/my Tumblr to get a taste for what will be in store for you, if you hop aboard and support this humble ongoing project! You should have no trouble finding my works on various other artwork compilation sites and image boards as well. :>

The Themes for September + October 2022:

Box of Cox v40

Genuine Todex-quality™ Rule34 of the following characters:

Azure Defender
- WoW Dragonflight
Freddy + Sander - Dislyte
Windfang - Conan the Adventurer
Croc Henchman - Anger Foot
Omega Pirate - Metroid Prime
Diego - Ice Age

More of This v19

Now your beloved characters of past pics can have triumphant returns at last!

Extreme Dinosaurs
(What the raptors were seeing in the last pic)
Satyr Brothers

Venom vs Anti-Venom

Abstract Theme v30

A short idea for a picture, for which I'll create new, interesting characters doing interesting things!

Try not to coom challenge
How long are you going to keep cooming?!

Any support you give will flow directly into the time I take to create art for you.
This project is a serious commitment on my part, so you'll receive nicely finished artwork.

The resulting artwork will be available in my gallery to everyone on the web. (I don't censor my pictures! No one likes pixels.)
As a supporter you'll get it a day earlier and in a better quality, higher resolution version than anyone else on the planet. Also this Art Project has its very own small community forum, to which access is supporter-exclusive only.
There is also an attached Discord server available where you can have chats with me and fellow supporters.

Depending on your pledge-level, you will also get access to additional alternate versions for each picture so you can ENJOY™ them even more thoroughly.

All of the exclusive things I make for this Art Project will be published for everyone to enjoy 12 months after they have been created.
So even if you cannot support me right now, you can still enjoy the things and check out the quality that you can expect from my work.
Check my Twitter or FA Profile for a link to the site I host for these contents.

If you've got any more questions prior to pleding, I'd be happy to answer them!
Just toss me a message on Twitter/FA and I'll get back to you.

Some more info so you get a good overview:
  • There will usually be around 5-6 works per month
  • All artwork is finished and created specifically for this project. No scribbly sketches or recycled art from other jobs.
  • Most of our interaction will be happening at my own little community place or the Discord~ Much more comfortable to use than Patreon by itself plus you can get all close and personal! Or not! Supporters that prefer to lurk silently are also welcome. xD
  • I do not offer raffles or giveaways or any such things - you get what you support me for. That is fair for you and fair for me! :D Also makes it easy to keep an overview of the pledge levels.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 557 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 557 exclusive posts

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