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About Tracy Scops

Reinforcing the obvious: All Characters depicted are 18yo or older.
This is not open for interpretation.

What…? Who…? Why…?

My twitter:

I am Tracy Scops and I have been commissioning NSFW comics from diverse artists over the last years, written, edited and lettered by me.

They are 8-page comics, full-colored, and so far I've limited myself to the worlds surrounding Spidey, in its many alternate universes and timelines.

I'm not the artist of illustrations on any these comics. My work, besides initial financial investor, is restricted to putting together the team as an editor, writing the comics, working the designs and layouts and distributing the editions.

It's actually quite a lot, but without my artists, I'd be only stuck with my own figments of imagination. And writing these is not as easy as it might seem and it involves constant re-writing and considering a great amount of input from the actual artists. Comic page commissions tend to be particularly expensive, which is why I decided to stick to 8-page stories.

I always try to hire the most talented artists I can afford, but my own funds are limited. That's why I relied in the past on donations received from people interested in reading the comics. Unfortunately, that did not work very well.

But now, I'm taking a shot at Patreon. And I hope this works well...

There are 3 main rules I try to follow on my projects:
  1. It has to look like a regular comic book, both in design and narrative, except for being NSFW.
  2. It has to respect the fundamental characteristics of the characters, so that rule #1 is respected.
  3. It has to have as much sex as possible, as long as rules #1 and #2 are not disrespected.
I try to explore their personalities and powers in ways that it could never be shown in a publisher mainstream product. I also try to look for details in actual comics that are either forgotten or overlooked, and use them in my comics to give more weight and density, and also because my readers recognize this as something that could really be canon.

Thank you so much for your support.
I hope to keep them coming for a long time.

- Tracy.

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Monthly "PITCH YOUR STORY" contests.
Patrons suggest ONE idea for a new story that will become a comic. I select the THREE I like the most and take them for all patrons to vote. The most voted idea goes into production.
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