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Hello! I'm Trish Sammer, the weirdo behind If you're here on this page, thanks. Even if you don't donate to me, it totally rocks that you would even consider it. 

I'm setting up this Patreon page so I can write more. Did you like a post that I wrote? Did I make you laugh? Make you think? Make you feel less alone? I hope so. Because nothing gives me greater joy than connecting with you in this way. 

I would easily blog for you for about eight hours a day if I could. Probably even on weekends. (Or at least one weekend day.) (If I'm sober.) (I kid.) The thing is, blogging is my favorite thing to do, other than staring lovingly at my husband and children and stepchildren and thanking God that there is, truly, so much laundry. 

The only problem is that blogging does not pay and it takes time. Sometimes a lot of time. That's time that I'm not charging to a client to bring in the moolah. And, as a long-time freelancer, I'm in charge of getting my own work, doing the work that I just got, getting more work, paying for my own health insurance (don't even get me started), and taking care of (or, more likely, forgoing) all of the other benefits that would normally be supplied by an employer. 

Peeps ... my greatest-but-also-terrifying-to-say-out-loud dream is to continue blogging for you while also continuing to work on my next book. What's the next book? It's a memoir all about divorce, single motherhood, and learning all kinds of stuff about myself in the process - basically Eat, Pray, Love but with far less globetrotting and far more car seats.

If karma is real, and I believe it is, helping someone else achieve their dream is a great way to help enable your own. So if you look at it that way, when you're donating to me, you're really donating to yourself. Except that you're giving money to me and I get to keep it. Karma can be complicated. 

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