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is creating a timeline of the life and crimes of Donald Trump and friends.

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About Trump File

Okay, wow, first of all, hello! The fact that you're reading this right now at all means you like what I'm doing enough to consider supporting my website. That's mind blowing. Thank you! 

I believe it's important to have a public timeline of events related to what others and myself call "the Trump crime cult." A chronological telling of events available for journalists, for investigators, for any interested reader, and for future deprogrammed Trump supporters needing to educate themselves on the past four years. Cool idea, right?

Trump File is a new website that's doing just that: documenting the life and crimes of Donald J. Trump, his family, his administration, and his co-conspirators. Unlike a news site or blog, I'm "filing" these events by the date they occurred. (It also works as a sort of "Trump crimes" search engine, so that's cool!)

When I started this project, I had just finished reading Sarah Kendzior's book, Hiding In Plain Sight. Before, I just didn't understand everything the news told me about Trump. I knew he was bad for the country and a criminal, but I didn't see the big picture. Sarah's book woke me up, but I was still naive. 

I actually thought I could make a website only documenting Trump's ties to transnational organized crime, a major subject in Hiding In Plain Sight. I wanted to focus on the stuff about Trump that most people don't know. I quickly realized that's impossible; there's a lot that people don't know, and Trump brought a new level of crime to every level of our government. I have to document everything: the entire life and crimes of the Trump crime cult.

This little quarantine project I thought would be less than 1,000 pages may end up being tens of thousands. But I'm doing it. And I'm doing it without ads, which is unheard of nowadays. Digital privacy is important to me, and I want to protect yours, so I don't make a cent any time someone visits the site.

I would love to hire some people to help out in the future, but for now I can only afford me. If you'd like to buy me a coffee to keep me going, you're in the right place! If not, that's okay too. I know these are hard times for everyone, and I truly appreciate your support.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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