is creating High energy videos for indoor cycling workouts and turbotraining

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For people who go turbotripping and want to show some appreciation for all the time and effort involved in producing the videos and helping you to get fit when you can't ride outside.
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For people who go Turbotripping two or three times a week.
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For Turbotrippers who train regularly and want to contribute a bit more. A good way to get even more motivation to get on your bike and get you moneys worth.
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About TurboTripping

Welcome to my Patreon page.

My Turbotripping project is to produce motivating videos which will make indoor cycling sessions inspiring, enjoyable and fun.  They use footage filmed 'on the bike' with an accompanying high energy soundtrack.

Rather than sell individual videos for download I've decided to use a membership model which will enable people to support my video creation and for me to offer a larger selection of vidoes.

ABOUT PAYMENTS : Currently when you sign up you are billed the amount immediately then on the 1st of every month.

The following is a an explanation into what the Turbotripping project is all about, its reason for being and its aims for the future. I hope it's not too long but as I'm looking for your support with your hard earned money I think it's only write the you know what you're investing in.

A major consideration when starting the project was to produce videos that can be used aby all levels of fitness and budgets. I want the videos to be able to be used by people on basic $50 indoor bikes as well as the high tech $2000 ones. Hopefully they'll be fun for kids to ride to as well.

Music can be a rather contentious subject and everyone has their own preferences. My personal taste is for 60s and 70s rock, surf and jazz.  However when it comes to riding my bike indoors I find the trance-style electronic music far more suitable.

With the support from I plan to create videos on a continual basis. In this way I can produce different versions of each video to suit different levels of fitness. I can also tailor the design of the videos for different devices. For example by putting relatively larger text on videos for people watching them on small phone screens etc..

The Story So Far

The project started a few years ago but ran into problems as Iicensing descent music proved to be a increadibly costly and would easily exceed $2000 for a one hour video. After a couple of attempts to collaborate with music producers I ended up enrolling on a one year course to learn music production.  This led to another year learning sound design and doing a composing to film course.  There's a lot more to it than you can imagine!

I uploaded my first self produced video last year and several people were very pleased to see me 'back in action'.  Since then I've been producing a catalogue of tracks that I hope will maintain the Turbotripping sound.

Now, after several people have been in touch because they want more videos and want to encourage me to make more. So I'm trying Patreon as it will enable people to support my work and enable me to create and upload exclusive videos  with more flexibility.  It'll also enable supported to watch the videos without the adverts that you get on Youtube.  Hopefully we can create a small commmunity of Turbotrippers!

So if you enjoy my videos and would like to support my work and contribute towards future productions it would be a great source of encouragement.  And maybe one day we can all get together and ride the roads and trails in the real world?
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts

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