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Tier 1: Twinkle Lites

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Joining as a Twinkle Lite (get it?) grants you access to exclusive "behind-the-scenes" content through Patreon Lens. 

I'll be using this feature on the Patreon app instead of my personal Instagram stories going forward to share a peek at what I'm working on, information about my products and how I incorporate them into my routine, as well as my usual daily life content like outfit selfies and food pics/recipes, or whatever random thing I'm up to/into currently. I'll also host a weekly Q&A session where you can ask me anything. 

This is perfect for anyone who has enjoyed my Instagram/Facebook content in the past (I mean, I think the entertainment/educational value here is worth $.17 per day, right?! LOL!) or anyone who wants to get to know the person who makes your products a little better without having to scroll through social media. 

Don't worry though, the official Twinkle Apothecary social media accounts aren't going anywhere - this is just a chance to get more in-depth and personal with me, and it allows me to get paid for the effort I put into sharing so much of myself with everyone - I feel less drained already!  

The Twinkle Lite membership also gives you full access to all future blog content, (which will be locked to non-members going forward,) including my DIY skincare and beauty recipes! Basically, signing up at this level means you don't have to wait for my book to come out to learn all of my secrets! 

You'll also receive read-only access to the Twinkle "talk space" on Discord. This means that you can read through the posts and see what me and members at the Star Shine and Shooting Stars levels are discussing, but you can't add to the conversation. To ask questions there or post comments, you'll need to level up to the Star Shine membership! 

Includes Discord benefits
  • A peek behind the scenes
  • Weekly Q & A session
  • Exclusive blog posts and DIY recipes
  • Twinkle Talk Space on Discord (read only)

Tier 2: Star Shines

per month
Joining as a Star Shine member gets you everything in Tier 1 plus an invite to join in on a Twinkle "talk space" through Discord. This space will include opportunities for future hangouts, ways to share your knowledge/how you incorporate Twinkle products into your personal routine, post questions to other members, and I don't know... should we maybe start a bookclub?! Do we have time for this? Join the chat and let me know your thoughts! 

Plus, going forward, you must be a member at the Star Shine level or above to purchase any retired, made-to-order, or future limited edition products at (and I have so, SO many ideas for things to share with you - first up - a batch of the Winter Serum!) 

Other made-to-order products available to you at this level include:
  • Retired fragrances (these are only available to members at this level or above now!)
  • Any of my fragrances in a solid perfume (made-to-order solid perfume listing, now members only!) 
  • Any perfume in a different size than what I offer online, including the extra large 1 oz bottle (the extra large 1 oz perfume listing is now just for members!) 
  • Option to order my (discontinued) shampoo, conditioner, or liquid soap, either in the classic sent, or a simple custom scent of your choice. 
  • All over oil in a simple custom scent or with one of my signature perfume blend fragrances. Dope Queen oil anyone? 
  • Keep in mind that we're not designing a new fancy perfume at this level, but, if you want the above items in a different scent than what I offer online, you can now request it if you're a Star Shine member in good standing!)

Why am I making these products available to members only you ask? Because I love offering them, but gosh they are a lot of work. It seems like every time I get "caught up" and think I can take a break, I get an order for a retired or made-to-order product that I don't have in stock and need to make.

Honestly? It would feel SO MUCH EASIER to get to work making that one little product knowing it's going to an engaged customer who actually cares that I'm being paid what my work as an artisan and maker is worth. The casual passerby doesn't need to start with my deep cuts anyway... they're for real Twinkle fans only!
Includes Discord benefits
  • A peek behind the scenes
  • Weekly Q & A session
  • Exclusive blog posts and DIY recipes
  • Twinkle Talk Space on Discord (interactive)
  • Ability to purchase limited edition, made to order, and retired products

Tier 3: Shooting Stars

per month
Joining as a Shooting Star gets you everything in tiers 1-2 PLUS the option to receive personalized skincare consultations and advice directly from me whenever needed (via email or direct messages through Patreon.) 

What does a personalized skincare consultation look like? It just depends on your needs! I could...
  • Create a customized morning and nighttime skincare routine just for you, either using all Twinkle products or incorporating products from other brands that you love. 
  • Show you exactly what to use when, and how. Step by step. Don't understand the directions in the product listing? Just ask me to clarify! We'll go over it until it makes sense to you. 
  • Help you decipher ingredients lists and give you my honest (but non medical professional!) opinion on products from other brands.
  • Help you figure out what's up with your skin by going through the products in your routine to find potential allergens or ingredients that could be causing a reaction for you.  
  • Help you find appropriate vegan, cruelty free, natural alternatives to the mainstream products you've been using. 
  • Tell you when I think a skincare issue you're having is easy fix, or, if it's time to see a doctor.
This level of support can be on-going (I mean, you are paying me $50 per-month, so email away!) or just occasionally, as needed. Can you believe I used to do all of this for free? WHAT WAS I THINKING??? 

As a Shooting Star member in good standing, in addition to personalized skincare (or makeup, or body care, or hair care,) support and a direct line to yours truly, you also have the option to design 2 completely customized products with me per year. You will still have to pay for the finished product, but basically, your cost of membership covers my custom design fee!

Here are some things we could create together especially for you: 
  • Your very own signature fragrance or aromatherapy blend 
  • A custom face mask or powdered cleanser 
  • A custom hydrating facial mist or toner 
  • A custom facial oil or moisturizer 
  • A custom body butter 
  • A custom dry shampoo 
  • A custom spot treatment 
  • Anything you can dream up, provided it's a product I actually have the skills and equipment to make!

Includes Discord benefits
  • A peek behind the scenes
  • Weekly Q & A session
  • Exclusive blog posts and DIY recipes
  • Twinkle Talk Space on Discord (interactive)
  • Ability to purchase limited edition, made to order, and retired products
  • 1-on-1 skincare consultations
  • Option to design 2 custom products with me per year



About Twinkle Apothecary

Welcome to the Twinkle Apothecary Patreon Community!

I'm Stefanie, and I created Twinkle Apothecary in October 2015 when I went vegan and had trouble finding an effective deodorant. I started my journey as a maker at the local farmer's market with a collection of deodorants with matching natural perfumes in four different fragrances. Today, in addition to deodorant and body care items, I make everything from skincare, to makeup, to around 70 different organic perfumes, using all-natural, plant based ingredients, in sustainable packaging, which I ship worldwide from my studio in Oklahoma City.   

My business has changed a lot over the past six years, and my product collection has grown quite a bit since those first batches of deodorant I made back in 2015 - but the one thing that's been consistent throughout this journey is my amazing group of loyal customers. 

That's where Patreon comes in. 

I'm creating this space to connect with my community in a way that's more fulfilling for me than social media, which, as you may know, I've had a love/hate relationship with over the years. Lately I've come to realize that I actually *do* enjoy creating content to share with my community and I love helping people live their best lives as far as skincare, beauty, and wellness is concerned - I just don't enjoy doing it for free according to Facebook's (excuse me, Meta's,) rules, to their benefit. This is a way for me, as a small, independent business, to take my power back and create the kind of content that I want to create, without having to pay to play via paid ads, or conform to a certain aesthetic to appease an algorithm.

Joining my Patreon community also allows me to be paid more fairly for the content that I create and all of the knowledge and expertise that I have to share with those of you who need a little extra support on your vegan beauty journey.

I also think it'll just be a super fun way to dive in and get even more connected and creative with my people out there who are picking up what I'm putting down!

Whether you're just here to passively support my small business while getting a behind-the-scenes peek at my creative process, joining to get access to exclusive, limited edition products, or looking for help with a complete overhaul of your skincare routine - I'm thrilled that you're here with me, and I appreciate your support more than you know. Cheers to the next chapter!

- Stefanie - 

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