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this is pretty much all i would expect anyone to pledge ever so if you do thanks a whole bunch!! i'll be sure to mention you in like semi-serious vids like the big youtubers do, prob something else later idk




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About Umby

hello i am umby, and i make a bunch of stuff on the intornets and then upload them for everyone's viewing displeasure! dumb vids, dumb livestreams, dumber mastodon bots and even dumber sjitposts! i don't know exactly how i would use a patreon page like this but if you do make a pledge this will go a heck of the way towards covering server costs and actually motivating me to do more so go for it if you want! if not that's fine! i'll still b making the same stuff i always do!!
$2.03 of $50 per month
with my newlyfound riches i'll be able to livestream on the semi-reg again with a funky wireless internet connection that won't sufFER FROM CONNECTION DROPOUTS LIKE THE NBN DOES!!!!
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