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About Daniel A. Ryder

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So who the hell are you?
My name is Daniel Aodhagán Ryder, a freelance writer, artist, and all around design-savvy perfectionist who got let loose in a film production studio once and got obsessed. Unfortunately a knee injury has knocked me out for the count on acting and film, so I dedicate myself to writing and one day I'd like to maybe produce.

Do you even go here? What do you do?
Good question. This Patreon is to support my writing projects. I used to write and read fanfic and loved the serialised aspect, so now I'm doing the same with fiction. At least one chapter a month, two if I can help it but the second isn't promised.

What are your current/ongoing projects?

  • The Saga of Summer's Path: Cyberpunk urban fantasy. Ledi is a fixer for a notorious gang boss, with a speciality for thievery and infiltration. When his boss sends him to 'fix' an illegitimate arrest for an Icelandic transport vessel, he is plunged into a world of myth, magic, and squarely in the firing line of the Wellenlicht company and its mysterious, wrathful CEO, Heidi.
  • Relic: High fantasy epic. Sadia is studying the battle which led to her mentor Quintus' ancestor's claim to fame, and thinks she's found an overlooked clue she wants to investigate. But then Quintus' support runs cold, and Sadia begins to suspect that the axiom 'history is written by the winner' is proof that history books should drip with far more blood than they do.

Say I like the sound of that - what do I get in return?
See the tiers for more details, but

  • Early Access - Patreons recieve access to new
  • More coming soon!

I'm interested, but concerned. What do you do with my money?
I raise corvids from the dead to do my dark deeds. They're watching, always watching, always waiting.

Serious answer: Good question! I have a hierarchy of things I pay for with the money, the first being the baseline costs of running things, the second is improving my production value and the third is putting food into my face-hole. As you can see, you guys are the priority, and making a living off of doing this is like, a distance third.

Moreover, supporting me allows me to take more risks with my work. There are things I would like to do that would require me to put on waders and get into the swamp, and it'd be nice to not have to worry about food being put in my mouth because my books gots my Fellow Queers in em.

I like it. But one last question - how do you pronounce that middle name of yours?
/eɪ.ɡɒn/ -  as in the ai in pain, and ɡɒn as in gone.
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The Very First Step

This is the first of my goals, and a personal one - gaining this goal would assure me that I can do this, that I can eventually make a living making things. And that's awesome, and motivating as all hell.

Oh, and I'm now breaking even on my stuff. That too!

Goal Reward: to be announced.
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