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Come join the gezelligheid.

Gezellig (Dutch) - A nice, fun and enjoyable social athmosphere.
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Firgun (Yiddish) - genuine, unselfish delight or pride in the accomplishment of the other person.
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Meraki (Greek) - Doing something with soul, creativity, or love - when you put "something of yourself" into what you're doing
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About Untranslatable

Untranslatable is a project to create an online dictionary that allows native speakers to translate and explain words and phrases from their native language.

Think Urban Dictionary, but multilingual, and with more information. 💬

You've heard it time and time again - if you are not paying, you are the product. 

Projects like these take time and money to maintain. This money either comes from advertisements on the website or paid access to certain features and information. 

I don't want the website to be riddled with ads and I don't want to create a paywall to restrict access to information or features, so instead, I'd like to raise funds by crowdfunding through Patreon. 

This way, the project can continue and the information can continue to be freely available for everybody. ✨

You are not obligated to pay in order to enjoy Untranslatable, but if you have some spare change and like the project, we'd love to have you in our Patreon community. 

Your contribution can help sustain and grow this project 🌱

In exchange, you'll get access to awesome rewards like language learning materials, merchandise, printables, and more. 

Hope to see you in our Patreon Community! 

What you get:

  • Talks with the creator and voting power 💪
Because this is an indie-project, there is a lot of flexibility in terms of what feature will be developed next. 

I love hearing input from people who are excited about the project, and as a Patron, you get exclusive access to pitch new ideas and voting rights on which feature will be developed next. 

  • Discounts on merchandise  
You get a discount on all merchandise offered in our shop foreignlanguageshop.com

More Untranslatable themed merch to be released soon!

  • Printables and Language learning materials
Get access to printables like the Untranslatable calendar

If you love Untranslatable, you probably love foreign languages. While our site can hopefully provide a way for you to learn more expressions and slang, it's good to have a basis, which is why we've developed a list of some of the 400 most important words and  1000 most important words

  • Shoutout on the site 🥰
This project really couldn't exist without the proper funding from people like you, which is why you will be rightfully mentioned on our creators page

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Help cover some of the basic costs of hosting. 
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