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About Oleg Solomka

Hi! My name is Oleg Solomka, you may know me as LegoMushroom. I'm working on mojs - project that tries to merge motion graphics and the web. The main aim is to give you the good and robust animation library and also tools around it.

I have a master degree in computer science and huge animation background with world's leading companies, so I have a strong feeling that I've built the tool that absorbs the best parts from both branches and solves the real world animation problems. I started the project a while ago because the web animation libraries are usually built, in the best case, by engineers with no animation experience thus they aimed to solve problems that are often do not exist. I've been working on the mojs for more than 2 years already and love how it shapes out and gets matured. I want to release so many rad things and write tutorials about them. That's the another aim of the mojs - not just to give you exhaustive javascript api but also teach how to create eye-catching animations with walk-thru tutorials.

I always wanted to keep the mojs free of charge for everyone but, as you can imagine, the mojs work takes some time - I have to care about the library internals and architecture, cover the javascript code with tests to make sure it is reliable and tested in all browsers, then work on tutorials and demos. In conjuction with the fact that the mojs is a pet project that gets sorted out after the full time job, it delays the process even more. Also, due to life circumstances, I had to migrate to the US and have few dependants to take care about, so can't dedicate all my time to the project. That's why I'm asking the community for help and support.

There are quite some rewards in the sidebar, if you don't want to pledge any funds, you can still share this project with your friends - that's the huge contribute!

Thanks a lot! Luv ya! <3
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I can take some time to work on the mojs. Would do this anyways but your pledge will increase the time amount significantly.
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