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About Ghoul King

This Patreon is, first and foremost, for supporting my work on Vigaroe.

As I've worked on Vigaroe, it's become increasingly clear that, out of the various types of posts that have gone up on Vigaroe, the kind I can most consistently produce at a regular pace and a level of quality I find acceptable are thorough analyses of games I like, am deeply familiar with, and which I feel are poorly-documented by the wider internet. As it happens, they're also the pieces that have most consistently gotten a positive reception. As such, I have increasingly focused on those, and will likely continue to do so for quite some time to come.

Support for my work is always appreciated. This Patreon exists in part because I don't ever want to compromise the site by placing content behind paywalls, attempting to cover costs with ads, or otherwise damaging the integrity of the site in the process of trying to fund it. If you appreciate that consideration, consider chipping in. Every little bit helps, especially in these trying times.
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With rent and utilities covered, that's more time freed up to focus on the site. Straightforward, right?
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