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We are US Expats that have extensive experience living and working in Taiwan. In our day, we had to learn many things about Taiwan the hard way. But we have come to learn that Taiwan is one of the best places in the world for Foreigners to live.
We blog about helping foreigners learn how to live, travel and do business in Taiwan.
Our blog does not represent the opinions of every foreigner in Taiwan. We are just trying to help others learn more about this beautiful country.
在台灣的外國人!我們透過額部落格想要幫助外國人了解台灣生活,旅遊,和商業的環境!我們不代表所有在台灣的外國人, 我們只是想要幫助世界各地的人了解台灣美好的一切!(美國人在管理)
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