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About Vittorio Romeo

Hello, I’m Vittorio! My main current project is Quake VR, a virtual reality mod for the classic game by Id Software. You can learn more about it on the official landing page or on the official repository.

Quake VR is a free open-source project done for fun and to contribute to the VR community. Your donations are very appreciated, and keep me motivated to work on the project and spend more of my free time on it.

I’m also active in C++ training and ISO standardization. You can find the source of my talks, papers, and presentations on GitHub. All of my talks can also be watched here on YouTube.

I have also created several open-source libraries, games, and tools which I still use daily and maintain in case new issues or feature requests arrive. Some notable projects:
  • Open Hexagon: FOSS clone of Super Hexagon, supporting Lua scripting and designed for user-created content. Still has an active community to this day!
  • scelta: Polished and refined C++ library that provides zero-overhead syntactic sugar for algebraic data types, including pipelining operations and basic pattern matching.
  • ecst: Experimental Entity-Component-System library which leverages compile-time information about relationships between components and systems to automatically parallelize the processing of your data.
  • camomilla: Python utility that allows C++ developers to make sense of complicated template errors by interactively collapsing template types by depth and replacing verbose typenames.
  • vrm_core: C++14 library containing many general-purpose utilities that can be used to build more robust and safer games and applications.
  • marp: Advanced fork of Marp, a Markdown-based presentation software, which adds features such as speaker notes, slide metaprogramming, and interactive line and point highlighters.


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