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About vmcampos

Who is vmcampos?

I've been a Comic Book fan since 1987 and a Magic: The Gathering fan since 1995. I've attended San Diego Comic-Con since 1993, too. And I've been on social media since 2007 talking about it all.

What is Patreon?

It's the best way for creative people to get paid, while creating their creations. For as little as $1 per month you get access to exclusive content. You'll find videos, podcasts, blog posts and more. 

What do I get if I contribute?

  • $1 gives you basic access to all my exclusive content.
  • $2 gets you basic access, and 5 vintage Commander Magic cards mailed to you.
  • or $2 gets you basic access and 1 curated comic book from my collection mailed to you.
  • or $4 gets you basic access, 5 vintage Commander Magic cards, and 1 curated comic book from my collection, and 1 mystery card mailed to you. What a deal!
  • or $5 gets you basic access, and 5 vintage Commander Magic cards, and 1 curated comic book from my collection, and 1 mystery card mailed to you, and a shout-out in a video. Amazing!

Can you tell me about the exclusive content?

On Monday there's a video about Magic: The Gathering. Perhaps a Deck Tech, card analysis, or upgrade video. It's Magic Monday.
On Wednesday, get ready for New Comic Book Day with a podcast where I review comics you should be reading. It's Comic Wednesday.
On Saturday you can join me as as I stream games. You can help me get better. It's Streaming Saturday.
At the end of the month is a Comic Book Haul. Check out what cool, interesting, or weird comics I picked up. It's the Monthly Haul.
And at various times there are Cosplay Music videos, snack reviews, tech stuff, and other random things. 

How do I get started?

Just click on the Become a Patron button right up over there, create an account if you don't have one, pick your tier, and you're in! If you pledged for an IRL reward, don't forget to add your mailing address to get that sweet swag. 

Thank you

Finally, thank you for becoming a Patron. Very few people take the time to contribute. You're an amazing person for doing so. I'm eternally grateful. You make it all worthwhile. 👍
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I'll make a collab video with a lucky Patron and help promote them! 
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