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Thanks for choosing to pledge to me each month! For this, you'll get a special Donator role in the Engauge server to acknowledge your help.
Includes Discord benefits
  • General Support

Engauge Premium

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You will receive access to Engauge Premium!

What's included? Glad you asked...
  • Early access to all major features
  • Cosmetic customizations on profiles/leaderboards
  • Global leveling XP boost (not individual servers)
  • A cool badge on your profile
  • A big thanks from us to you
And of course, more is to come. Check it all out at https://engau.ge/premium.
Includes Discord benefits
  • Engauge Premium

Engauge Premium (3 Servers)

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You will receive Engauge Premium, in which you can activate on 3 servers.
Includes Discord benefits
  • Engauge Premium




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About voximity

Hi, I'm voximity, and I'm making Engauge.

I have been making Discord bots since early 2016. Engauge is my latest bot, allowing you to gauge and reward member participation in your Discord server. However, I'm paying for Engauge's resources out of pocket, and I could use some financial help. That's why I've come to the Patreon platform!

By supporting me, I can guarantee you will receive minor benefits on the service in the future. By donating $5+/mo, you will receive access to Engauge Premium, a small subscription service to receive early access to new features, more cosmetic customizations, and more. Check it out at the Premium page!

If you've read all of this, thanks! I hope you can consider helping me out while I create this project. It's been a blast. Regardless, I hope you've enjoyed using my service. Thank you!

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