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About Walfie

I make drawings and animations and sometimes I program things.

Here's some animations: gif.aikats.us

Some projects:
  • walfas.org: my old site with Flash animations/comics (original content and Touhou), and home of create.swf
  • gbf-raidfinder: it's like tweetdeck but just for Granblue raids
  • clubdarn: an alternate ClubDAM website, using their API
  • bingo: text-based bingo generator
  • anime-bingo: anime/manga bingo generator with images, using AniList's search API
  • kirakiratter: an Aikatsu-themed Mastodon instance I started
  • ame-cubes: three.js simulation of Amelia Watson in Minecraft hell

Here's some twitter bots I made (most of which are now dead, and subsequently suspended by twitter in November 2020 for unexplained reasons):
  • @i_akari_daisuki: Tweets images based on randomly selected text from followers
  • @llsif_student: LLSIF cards paired with random adjectives from Wordnik API (now dead because it ran out of adjectives)
  • @akari_oozora: Oozora Akari tells you the weather at a different location every 20 minutes
  • @oozora_otenki: Same as above, except on demand
  • @oozorakko: Tweets the image sources at @akari_oozora
  • @subkatsu: Aikatsu screenshots with markov-generated subtitles
  • @nekoatsume_pass: Tweets the daily Neko Atsume password (Japanese)

If you ever wanted to give me money, now you can!!
$50 - reached! per month
Kirakiratter server costs + S3 costs (media storage and bandwidth)
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