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Bonus episode! You will get an extra hour long exclusive Weird AF News episode featuring Jonesy and one of his funny comedian friends.

Of course, you'll also get a shout out, a personalized message and the warm feeling that you're helping keep the wonderful stories about men getting their penis caught in a pickup truck exhaust pipe.

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Bonus downloads! Get Jonesy's comedy album download FREE, along with the Alligator's Everywhere song - and every future WAFN song that Jonesy uploads to the Patreon.

You also get: Bonus Episodes, shout out on the show, personalized message from Jonesy and...know that you are helping fund the wonderful stories like, Man throws a dynamite filled toilet seat at his ex-wife's trailer.



About Weird AF News

My fellow WEIRDOS! You've arrived at my Patreon where you can easily show how much you enjoy and support Weird AF News - the only daily weird news show hosted by a comedian.

As I've mentioned on the show, I host and produce the show for free every day.  This takes a great deal of time as you can imagine. Therefore even if you can donate something small each month, it goes a long way. (Like toward the new microphone I JUST purchased. And the drugs that keep me going on long rambling rants during the show!)

I'm kidding about the drugs, except I AM addicted to coffee. So even at the smallest level, that's enough to buy me 1 cup of coffee a month, I would LOVE that. And keep in mind, no matter what level you support, you're going to get access to A LOT of extra content. As of now, there's nearly 20 hours of bonus episodes alone, several exclusive interviews and tons of videos. And I am adding more every week. 

And if you're a loyal daily listener of the podcast, you're going to feel good about contributing to the production of what, essentially, is a vital part of your day.
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Enough money to fly around the world doing in depth coverage of the weirdest news in the world.
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