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Patreon Only Spotlight Podcasts - these podcasts are picked by the Badass Level and will only be found here on Patreon.

DC Comics Spotlight - 2 DC Comics reviewed by Jim and Eric
each week

Marvel Comics Spotlight - 2 Marvel Comics reviewed each week

Weird Science Reading Clubs - Join us as we read through a varied bunch of books and characters

The Green Lantern Reading Club (Coming Soon)

The Injustice Gods Among Us Reading Club

The Ultimate Marvel Universe Reading Club

The Walking Dead Reading Club - Jim and Mark review each Deluxe issue as they come out

The GFC Book of the Month Podcast - The GFC picks the book and we go through a trade volume during the month

Other Shows:

The Comic Book Cartoon Review Show

The Comic Book Movie Review Show

The Manga Monday Review Show 

Weird Science Pop Culture Podcast

You Just Passed the Test!

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This Level gets you everything from the $1 and $5 Levels plus...

DC Comics Back Issues Comic Podcast  - Jim and Mark review a DC Comics issue from the past

Marvel Comics Back Issues Comic Podcast  Jim and Stork review a Marvel Comics Issue from the past

The Wacky Silver Age Comic Show  - A show celebrating the time Batman was a Fish Man, the rainbow hands of Superman, and of course when Jimmy Olsen was a Giant Turtle!

Detective Comics Before Batman Show  A show going through the other detectives that did their thing before Batman showed up in issue #27)

Comic Book Crisis Power Hour - Going through all the big Crises and Events at both Marvel and DC Comics, alternating between each week

Archived Shows:

The Rest of the Story Podcast (Archived)
The Best Worst Comic Show (Archived)



About Weird Science DC Comics & Marvel Comics Podcasts

Before going on, Let me introduce ourselves.  We are Weird Science and we have multiple Comic Book Podcasts, the  Weird Science DC Comics Podcast, the  Weird Science Marvel Comics Podcast and the Weird Science Manga Podcast. However, those three shows are just the tip of the iceberg!

I promise you, this Patreon is not set up to keep the lights on (I prefer the dark) or send you cheap trinkets...If you support us, you will be able to get a ton of exclusive shows each month! Isn't that better than a decal or a one-time Trade Paperback?  We think so!  Plus, the more support we get, the more shows we will give you. We would love your support, but we are not afraid to work our butts off for it!

We are always adding new shows and are always up for suggestions on how to make the Weird Science Patreon better!

Besides hours of free podcasting, here are the shows you can get with each level:

$1 Keep Doing What You're Doing Level:

Thank You! You now hold a special place in our hearts.  This level gives you the early access podcasts each week and the Patreon Only Show every Annuals Week!  Plus, an invite to the GFC slack chat!  (I occasionally will put other shows at this level each month as well)

$5 The (Not So) F-U Five Level:

everything from the $1 level plus - 

DC Comics Shows:

DC Comics Patreon Spotlight Podcast 

DC Comics Solicits Podcast

Early Access Best DC Comics Show

Early Access Secret Origins Podcast

Marvel Comics Shows:

Marvel Comics Patreon Spotlight Podcast

Marvel Solicits Podcast

Marvel Sales Sales Podcast

Early Access Star Wars Comic Podcast

Other Shows:

The #1 Indie Comics Review Show

Comic Book News Show

The Manga Monday Podcast (Every Monday w/ Luke Hollywood)

Manga Pick of the Week Podcast

Walking Dead Wednesday Comics Podcast (Every other Weds w/ Mark Jager)

The Comic Book Movie Podcast (1x a Month with Michael G)

The Comic Book Cartoon Podcast (1x a Month w/ Batman Beyond Mark)

The Weird Science Pop Culture Podcast

 Weird Science Comic Book of the Month Show -
discussing a book picked by all of the GFC each month (past examples are Saga, Y:The Last Man, Kingdom Come…)

$10 You Just Passed the Test! Level:

Everything from the $1 and $5 Levels plus-

DC Comics Back Issues Podcast - going through a classic DC Comic picked by the Badasses each month

Marvel Comics Back Issues Podcast (same as above but for Marvel)

The Wacky Silver Age Comics Show (1× a Month) - talking about a crazy Silver Age Comic… lots of Jimmy & Lois! 

The Detective Comics Before Batman Podcast (1x a Month) - going through the 26 issues of Detective Comics before Batman showed up

The Comic Book Crisis Power Hour - going through the big events at both DC and Marvel Comics

Jim has Issues (with his Wife) Show (1x a Month) - on hiatus for a bit

$18 ...Like a Badass Level

everything from the $1, $5 and $10 Levels plus you are a Badass who gets to vote on the content of almost every show!

You get your name in the Badass Rollcall every episode!

$20 Ultimate Badass Level

You are the Baddest of the Badasses and get everything including our undying gratitude!

 Check out our subscription levels, give what you can and most of all, Thank You!!!!

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