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The knowledge I share is perfect for everyone regardless of your knowledge or years of experience because the ascension energy brought with it a lot of new knowledge and rules.

Dip your toe or dive into the intriguing world of spirits, meditation, energy, healing, your own psychic gifts and how Spirit influences your life now that the ascension energy is here.

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About Wendy Kay

Understanding for Empaths, Sensitives & Those Looking to Better Understand Theirs Lives & Inner Gifts

We are all now living in what is known as the ascension energy! This new universal energy promotes healing, living your truth and living in harmony with others. If you didn't already know it, this new energy automatically makes you an Empath or Sensitive to some degree.

One way of enhancing your life is to strengthen your connection to the Divine by meditating and communicating with your Spirit Guides and Teachers. They can share a great deal of information with you and help to guide you through life - as long as you are doing it properly. They also provide inspiration and encouragement when needed.

I've walked this path for over 35 years and  I love to:

  1. Meditate (especially going out-of-body).
  2. Write in my meditation diary/journal.
  3. Research how things work for Spirit's perspective.
  4. Talk about this stuff to those who are serious about developing.
  5. Help others make a stronger connection with Spirit safely.
  6. Discover ways that Spirit interacts with me throughout the day.
  7. Figure out the pieces of the puzzle and how messages fit together or are interpreted.
  8. Try new tools that help when walking this path.
  9. Help others to change so their lives are better in some way.

So I decided to incorporate all that love into this Community. 

Listening to my podcasts, reading my posts or participating in the community should...

  • give you tools and ideas that can enhance your spiritual path
  • give you a good idea of what communicating with Spirit is really like,
  • help you to know what you can or should expect in your own meditations or interactions with Spirit,
  • help with your interpretations skills,
  • show how Spirit guides you on your life path
  • reduce stress in your life by having a safe place to discuss how your abilities and experiences affect your life
  • help you to discover tools that will help you walk this path.

I've been meditating and communicating with Spirit for over 30 years and it has never been a dull path. I want to encourage you to meditate for yourself and connect to Spirit so you can get your own information safely at any time of the day or night.  

Humanity has just moved into the ascension energy and a time in history where the rules of working with Spirit have changed. What worked and was correct a few years ago is different for many reasons.

So it's extremely important to communicate with Spirit using the new and accurate techniques and any "need to know" information. Building your own strong connection is important. With all that is going on in the world, you never know when communicating with your Spirit Guides will be wanted or needed.

Hopefully, you'll gain some insight into your communication with Spirit by listening to my experiences. You'll get to know what to expect when walking this type of spiritual path.

Things have been very quiet on the meditation front for those who have gone through energy changes over the last few years, but it appears that is close to being done. Changes are happening and it looks pretty exciting!

So I hope you'll be able to  take your awareness and development to a higher level through what I share.

For those you who don't know... being an Empath or Sensitive means you feel the energy of people, places, animals and any living thing. You can also feel, see, or sense those who live in the Spirit World, but are not visible to the physical eye.

Having abilities and not understanding them can...

  • create havoc in your life,
  • make you feel easily overwhelmed,
  • make you feel isolated or like you don't belong,
  • interfere with getting what you desire in life,
  • affect social, family and romantic relationships,
  • be frightening at times,
  • make you feel lost - like you don't have a sense of direction, and
  • encourage overeating or other habits to subdue the abilities.

It's normal to also want to help others and/or change the world for the better. Many of have the desire to be Healers in some way or even become Psychic or Card Readers.

My goal is to provide practical advice for walking this path of development. Live in the moment and make that moment the best it can be - even when it's not that great.

You can check out my website at www.oralin.com to see other services and products offered for development.

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