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        About Wesley and Willy

        Wissam Charafeddine (Wesley) and Walid Marmal (Willy) are two personalities that are rich with human experience. Surviving Middle East wars, living before and after the internet, citizens of the East and the West, adapters of spiritual religions and secular values .. there are much to talk about, and you will are a part of the conversation.

        Wesley is Wissam Charafeddine, who was born in the United Arab Emirates from Lebanese parents. He attended the Islamic Hanbaly Educational Institute and graduated with a diploma in Islamic Shariah. After the first Gulf war, his family immigrated to the U.S. During his academic studies, Wissam continued to study and give lectures on Islamic Shariah through distant-study programs with Hawzah of Ahlulbait in Qum, Iran, and with local scholars. He was the founder of Halakat Imam AlBaqir, an Islamic Studies Institute in Dearborn where he taught, among other teachers, various topics in Islamic studies. He was a co-founder of the Muslim Scouts of Michigan, Islamic Monitor Action Network, Islamic Unity Magazine, and was a member of various organizations, among which were the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR), Islamic House of Wisdom, and Amnesty International.

        In 2005, he co-founded IRSHAD (the Institute for Religious Studies, Humanities, and Dialogue) to seek free coexistence between human beings and the aspiration for building a better life centered around the well being of humanity. IRSHAD functions in its Islamic branch as a reform movement that calls for freedom of belief and expression, and a less literal interpretation of Quran.

        In 2008-2009, while researching to write an article about Islam and Evolution, Wissam found a new understanding of science and adopted a new understanding of life based on it. The article was never finished, but a new intellectual journey started.

        Wissam co-founded Muslimish in 2012, which is an organization that seeks to create an environment for support and dialogue among ex-Muslims and questioning Muslims, and fight for the freedom of expression and against blasphemy laws in countries under Islamic rules.

        Willy is Walid Marmal, born in Lebanon, immigrated to United States, Canada, and finally has a pending application for Asylum in the United Kingdom, is a renaissance man, with 7 languages, deep knowledge and expertise in multiple areas and fields in life, science, and liberal and fine arts.  

        Wesley and WIlly became friends when they met in Henry Ford Community College in the city of Dearborn, in MIchigan USA in 1996.  They have been friends half of their lives, over two decades of rich experience with an open mind and alert consciousness of their presence in the this world, and their relationship to it.

        Being both Eastern and Western, both before and after the internet, both humanist and religious, both poor and wealthy, both settled and moving, their conversation is the human conversation of 2018.

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