Creating Wumpfetch, Pikmin and Riko

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This tier currently doesn't have a lot of rewards, but more will be added over time, these are the rewards in the meantime: 

  • Get the Donator role on my server.
  • Access to the Donator channel on my server.
  • Your name in the donators command on Riko
  • My appreciation  ¯\_(^w^)_/¯ 
Includes Discord benefits
  • Name in donators command


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reward item
per month

If you have any ideas that I could add to this tier, feel free to DM them to me via Discord, these are the current rewards:

  • All rewards from Tier 1.
  • Access to all music commands on Riko
  •  Even more appreciation from me \(^w^)/  
Includes Discord benefits
  • Give access to music commmands
  • Name in donators command


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reward item
per month

More things may be added over time, but these are the rewards for now:

  • Everything from Tier 1 and 2.
  • Early access to upcoming features such as image manipulation
Includes Discord benefits




    per month

    About Wesselgame

    Welcome to my patreon page \(^0^)/

    You can support me and the making of all my projects over at GitHub by donating if you want, and you'll get some rewards for it too! But please, only donate if it's your spare money. Don't donate if you really need the money or if it's someone elses money that would get you into problems. If you wat one point decide to stop supporting me, your rewards will be taken from you within the following days.

    If you want links to my social media, specs, etc. you can head over to https://wessel.meek.moe/!


    Hello, my name is Wessel (Also known as Wesselgame or PassTheWessel on the internet). I'm a full stack developer from the Netherlands, I mainly make open-source projects and I've localized and contributed to many other projects, some of them are Riko and Wumpfetch.

    I've been coding for around 5 years and i still learn a lot every day. The languages I currently am proficient at are JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Sass, NodeJS, GulpJS, Shell and Brainfuck.

    The tools I use on a day-to-day basis are Ubuntu, Windows, Kali, Redis, Raspbian and RedHat.
    I also have a website, which is wessel.meek.moe Which also shows some of my other projects. I mainly like to use Visual Studio Code or Vim paired with Ranger when programming, the shell that iI prefer to use is fish paired with oh my fish (omf), which is a highly-customizable easy-to-use terminal for linux. Most of my dotfiles can be found on my GitHub.


    I also like to draw, for digital drawings I mainly use Krita which is a free, good and easy to use program for drawing! I also use a Wacom Intuos Pro M as my drawing tablet.


    I rarely stream over at twitch.tv/wesselgame, but when I stream it's mainly just a chill stream where I play games or draw stuff.

    You can contact me via my E-mail ([email protected]), by tweeting at me (@wesseltip) or by joining my Discord (https://discord.gg/SV7DAE9) for any questions or requests!

    Thanks for reading /(^w^)\
    $0 of $15 per month
    If i get $15 worth of patrons, I'll be able to fully fund Riko's servers, and so I'll be able to put more time and effort in all of my projects, and so the development of Wumpfetch, Riko, etc. will go much faster. I'll also probably stream more if i reach this goal!
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