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McChicken Sandwich

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1 Whole Dollar! That's enough to get me any item from the Dollar Menu at Mcdonalds.

Patrons at this tier get: 

  • A custom Discord role (α P A T R O N S)
  • Early access to all posts and all memes that I end up not posting on the page.
  • Access to a patrons only Discord channel where you can recommend memes or just have general conversations with me. 
  • Your name will be tagged in the comments/description of any post that I make. Whether it's on Instagram or Youtube. 
Includes Discord benefits

Happy Meal

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per month
3 Dollars! That's like a Happy Meal every month.

Patrons at this tier get:
  • All previous rewards (β P A T R O N S role on Discord)
  • A custom meme of your choosing (say it be an edit of your friend or just a generic type of meme you want me to make)
Includes Discord benefits

20 Piece Chicken Mcnuggets

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reward item
per month

Patrons at this tier get:

  • All previous rewards (Ω P A T R O N S role on Discord)
  • Tutorials! If you wanna make your own memes, you'll need something like Photoshop or Sony Vegas, and I can help you get started.                                                            Granted, you shouldn't pick this tier unless you've contacted me around what exactly you want to learn, and whether I can help you or not.

(Seriously though I run a meme page why would you spend 5$ every month on this)

Includes Discord benefits




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About WillMakeMemes4Food

Hey! If you've stumbled upon my page you've probably figured out what I do. I make memes, and have been for almost 4 years now. It started off as a hobby (and frankly, It still is) but considering the unexpected amount of growth that I've had I'd love to be able to spend more time improving the content I pump out. 

Although it might seem like most of my content is poorly edited garbage. You're absolutely right. Sometimes some of my edits take hours to make, and my name isn't WillMakeMemes4Food for no reason. 

All jokes aside, whether you decide to pledge or not. You deserve a massive thank you for liking my page, and helping an independent meme page that doesn't steal all of it's memes grow.

$1.76 of $100 per month
Memes Part-time

That's almost half a year's worth of McChicken burgers. In other words, a certified heart attack. 

Reaching this goal would vastly improve my ability to pump out garbage for you guys. With such a heavy workload at university, I am only able to post around 3-4 times a week. But having a steady flow of income would genuinely help me with tuition fees, better editing equipment and etc. Regardless of how unrealistic this goal is, I will always continue making memes as long as I have a platform for me to post on.
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