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For the price of half a decent cup of coffee, you get to be among the first supporters of a future Nobel prize (in literature, and in economics, and peace - the first Nobel hattrick) winner. You can brag to your grandchildren *that you were there* at the start, and that we were practically buddies.
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This is the dollar worth of an old English guinea. You know, one of those arcane monies that converted to each other on a basis sixteen-and-a half-unless-it's-a-wednesday system. Much obliged, guv'nor!



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You're awesome for even being here. 

I'm gonna give it to you straight. Writing a good article on Wisdomination.com takes many hours of time, especially when you have massive OCD, like me. 

The website is a project of passion that takes up most of my free time, of which there is already precious little after 14 hour workdays and running a startup. Therefore, if you would like to buy me a coffee to show appreciation, delay my descent into madness or help with the creation of more articles (hoping you are enjoying them!), please consider pledging whatever amount you feel like.

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At least one hand-drawn picture will accompany every new article. This is essentially the price for which I'm willing to embarass myself by showing my drawings to the world.
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