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About With the Will

Who Are You?

Hello!  I'm Marc.  I've run With the Will for over a decade, most of it's history.  During that time the site has become one of the premiere destinations for Digimon fans on the internet, due to our news, occasional features, and our product breakdowns/archives, not to mention all the spirited conversation among Digimon fans.

One of the best things about running WtW has been finding new things to add for Digimon fans.  Whether it's doing the news as well as possible, or getting ahold of materials to archive for fans, I've attempted to do all I can with passion and with a degree of quality and care (many people would say too much passion quite likely.)

Why Patreon?

There have always been issues regarding the cost of the site.  Maybe it's making sure the server is at the level it needs for all our users or getting ahold of materials (among other things.)

Then there are the breakdowns, which require importing items, the occasional new hardware or software, and gobs of time.  We've always taken donations, but this method has proven unsustainable in the long run (and to be honest, never really has come anywhere close to breaking even.)

We've done what we can to improve things with the low budget available to us, and most of the time we do succeed, whether it's been updating the look of the site or beginning our news and discussion podcast, we do what we can to improve the site for the community.

The primary goal for our Patreon will be to improve With the Will for everyone.  Get more things to do breakdowns of, update out of date software and hardware used on projects to improve quality, and anything else that comes to mind as time goes on.

Why Are You Doing This?

Fans suggested reasonable ways that they could support the site, and Patreon seemed the best option.  We don't run ads on WtW, and while we do have a handful of affiliate accounts, we've never pushed them hard, as we prioritize the experience for everyone.  While I never expect WtW to be a full time paid job, having income allows the site to be self sufficient (i.e. server costs & other things that are simply necessary to keep a site running) if money issues ever come up and will fund the projects and elements that everyone enjoys, and hopefully will allow us to expand.
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