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Thank you so much for your support!  You are free to give a single donation and discontinue after a month (or two, or three...).   Any donation lets me know how much you appreciate my efforts. 
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While I'm not exactly sure what kind of 'extras' this tier might afford, please know that I am absolutely filled with gratitude for your generous support!  Perhaps I will show some 'behind the scenes' development and sneak previews of CC to my Patrons?!
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About Woodsfairy

Having become disabled and hearing impaired from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (a genetic disorder), I’ve now lost my ability to work. Although I feel restricted in the real world, in 2020 I discovered “The Sims 4”, which allows me to go anywhere and build anything! I’m very excited to share my creations and I hope they bring people joy! <3

I studied Anthropology in Grad School and became a professional Archaeologist working the Northeastern U.S. For over three decades, I excavated sites in the Northeastern United States and specialized in lithic analysis (rocks), ethnobotany (plants), and graphic illustration (art!). A lot of my CC for The Sims 4 will likely reflect these interests, various cultures and time periods of the past.

Terms of Use
  • I want all CC to be free, so please don't use mine in conjunction with paywalls or paysites.
  • Please don’t re-upload, re-edit, re-package, re-color or otherwise re-purpose my CC without permission. 
  • Using my CC in your builds or blogs? Tag me if you might; I’d love to see how my creations are put to use.
Contacting me: If you are not a Patreon member here, you may Ask Me a Question through Woodsfairy's Cottage on Tumblr. Thank you for any and all support and encouragement, I hope you enjoy my custom content!! Donations will never be mandatory but always genuinely appreciated.

Disclaimer: This page and the CC here is not affiliated with or sponsored by Electronic Arts, Inc. or its licensors and all content herein is intended solely for non-commercial, personal use and enjoyment.  Some meshes and/or textures derived from other online sources are credited whenever possible and/or necessary. All copyrights belong to their respective owners.

['Fairy Mushroom House' graphic from "Jazella" on Pixabay]

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