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Thank you for supporting me! At this level, you're an accomplice (not an "ally"). And while no true accomplice should expect cookies, you're gonna get some anyway! Not real ones - but you'll get a shout out. I'm providing a variety of content, not just short films, so it will come in the form of a monthly video where I literally just thank my supporters and show y'all love - because I literally can't do this without you.

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Over the years, I've heard people complain that people don't really write handwritten letters anymore. So guess what? You'll get a personalized, HANDWRITTEN thank you letter from me - with a postcard if you're outside of New York (or if you're in NY but just want one, haha)! Hey, maybe it'll be worth something one day!

(Probably not.)
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About Denarii Grace

I don't want to waste your precious time, so for my full bio and my background as an artist (as well as my fav music, TV, and film), you can check out my "about" section on my Facebook page (which you should like!).

Trying to make it as an artist (without starving) is an uphill climb in general. Add to that the barriers that come with being Black, being bisexual, being a woman, being non-binary/agender, being multiply disabled, being poor, and being fat and I'm sure you can imagine that being all of those things at once would make it...well, some would say damn near impossible for me.

But I don't believe it's impossible. If it were, I would've given up a long time ago.

However, to make it as a multiply marginalized artist in a capitalist society that doesn't value art (not really anyway), I need YOUR help.

I have been unemployed (in the traditional sense) since the end of December 2013. It's no secret that traditional employment and hiring discrimination is a systemic thing for all of the marginalized groups to which I belong (especially being disabled) individually; together I'm lucky I've ever even had interviews. In addition to that hurdle, there are many barriers to getting help in the interim (which I won't go into detail about here). I started freelance writing regularly in April 2016 to try to bring in some type of income, but it's simply not feasible for me to sustain long-term and support myself with that alone.

So, if you support me, your money will go toward a variety of things, besides the obvious paying a marginalized artist for their labor (this list isn't exhaustive because I don't want this overview to be too long):

1) paying submission fees for a variety of screenwriting and filmmaking contests as well as related events where I can network and learn

2) paying for equipment and folks' labor (actors, film editors, cinematographers, etc.) in order to make (very) short films (which would be shared here, of course!). I have short and feature film ideas in various genres, including drama, horror, superhero/fantasy, and comedy. It would also pay for studio time and folks' labor to record my first EP, titled "Power," as well as future musical endeavors beyond "Power" and costs to perform in various places. Speaking of which...

3) paying for travel (planes, trains, hotels/motels, spending money for food) so that I can share my art in other places (when those places don't cover it) as well as covering those costs when (if??? *sobs*) I get accepted to important screenwriting labs or fellowships, as those things generally aren't covered.

4) promotional costs (paying for ads on Facebook and Twitter, getting promo from popular accounts on social media, etc.)

5) support my various activist work (including my writing, upcoming webinars, panels, etc.)

6) I hope to be able to hire a part-time administrative assistant and social media manager as SOON as possible because, particularly with my disabilities, I need some help if I want my campaigns and online presence to be effective and lucrative. Oh. My. God.

I feel like this is more than long enough already, but I'll just say this:

I believe that as an artist I have a responsibility beyond entertainment, to be a truth teller (as Paul Robeson once said), to reflect the times (as Nina Simone once said), to speak with and for the people, to give marginalized groups the visibility and representation we've long deserved, to heal, to love, to liberate.

And if you support *that,* you should support *me* - so that as a multiply marginalized artist I can continue to do that without wondering how I'll pay my bills every month, without worrying when I'll be able to finally get my pets fixed, without pacing back and forth about how I'll pay for the next screenwriting contest fee, without without without.

So if you have the means and believe in the arts; if you know that there are many barriers to marginalized artists - let alone multiply marginalized artists - breaking into various arts industries; if you believe strongly in supporting artists who are striving to bring a variety of stories to the forefront, who believe in truth telling, then you know what to do - support and share!

Thank you so much for reading!
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My first goal is to be consistently making $1,000 per month. I'm starting here because it's ambitious! I think that, with the right marketing (and awesome people sharing), I could get enough patrons to consistently make $1,000 USD per month (which is only $12,000 per year, and that's before taxes). For each goal, I define "consistently" as three consecutive months of earning.
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