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About Detective Adam Richardson

My name is Adam Richardson and I'm the host of the Writer's Detective Bureau Podcast.  Each week, I tackle questions crime fiction authors and screenwriters have about criminal investigation and police procedure. 

Since 2015, I have helped over one thousand writers (for free) through my blog and mailing list at just as a hobby.  You see, I am still a full-time law enforcement officer in California.  In an effort help an even larger number of writers in the limited time I have available, I have launched the Writer's Detective Bureau Podcast.  

Your support as a Patron will help me cover the cost of hosting the podcast, copious amounts of coffee, transcriptions of each podcast episode, the website, and a few date-nights with my wife to make up for the time I devote to my writer friends instead of her. ;)

In all seriousness, I love helping writers like you and I truly appreciate you. 
If you have a crime-fiction related question, head over to  
Thanks for listening and never stop writing!

Write well,


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When I reach 500 Patrons on Patreon, I will outsource the podcast editing and release two podcast episodes per week.
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