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About Writing on Games

Hey! Welcome to Writing on Games—a YouTube channel focused on in-depth analysis of game design and narrative.
The support I've received on Patreon dramatically affects the amount of time I'm able to spend making these videos. They require a lot of research, time spent analysing the games and writing the scripts, making the music, recording and editing audio, capturing gameplay footage and editing the final product. Of course I'm realistic and I don't expecting people's money; YouTube ain't exactly a steady platform. But hey, a buck or two definitely goes a long way in helping me make the videos. Also, if you need to pull out at any time, please don't feel like you need to justify it to me or whatever. Make sure your financial situation is in order first and don't worry about me!

---In return, you'll get access to rewards such as your name in the credits of videos, the soundtracks I make for every episode as well as access to the Patron-exclusive Discord server and exclusive video content/potential exclusive hang-out streams. I'm in the process of overhauling everything at the moment, so you'll always be getting more bang for your buck.


Given the time it takes to create these things, it's extremely rare that I'll be able to produce over two videos a month. On the off-chance that I can produce more than that, however, don't worry - you'll only be charged for max two videos a month. If you don't want to be charged for two videos, however, feel free to set a monthly limit on how much you pledge in your settings! Any changes will be relayed to you in good time so you can make any changes you need to your funding plan. 


For full disclosure and transparency, I receive a small portion of ad revenue every month. It's a fraction of the Patreon, however, which will always be the main source of the channel's income. On the off-chance I ever do receive money to make a video, I'll be sure to be upfront with you about it. Also, occasionally I receive press copies of games, meaning I don't have to pay for them. Again, you'll always be informed of that in any videos I make.

You guys have trusted me with your support—I wouldn't dream of betraying that. Any changes to anything to do with the Patreon or the channel will be run past you guys first and you have my word on that.

So there you have it - my case for why I'm on Patreon. I hope I've answered any questions you have but if you have anything else you want to know before you get involved, feel free to get in touch! 

I cannot emphasise this enough - you people give me the energy to do this regardless of whether you pay or not. You have given me a sense of purpose that I haven't felt in a long time. I can only hope my videos someday mean as much to you - if you can't pay, that's 1000% cool. 

Thank you so much for your time and support.


Writing on Games
$1,073.13 of $1,250 per edited video
At this stage, I'll be able to hire a video editor to help out, meaning I can focus more on making sure the writing is the best it can be.

Also, every few months, I'll take a vote from you guys as to what game or series I should make a video on.
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