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About wynlim

My original patreon account was created mostly for my interactive learning experiments. I intended to work on it full-time, but since then though with great resistance I have learnt to accept that my capacity to work with screens has greatly diminished and I will have to manage my chronic health issues for the rest of my life.

Thus I will now focus on my writing, and also building my personal learning library. Since leaving the tech/startup world in 2015 I have been trying to carve out a new way of living for myself. In the process I have tried to read widely and deeply, experimented with different regimes, and developed new ways of thinking. My hope and goal is to share these learnings with people undergoing a similar journey – their journey will not be the same as mine, but my hope is that my work would make them feel less alone on theirs. 

They say we have to create what we wish to see in this world, and this is what I am doing:


These are some of the pieces people have resonated with based on the feedback I've received:

I love connecting dots between seemingly disparate topics:

...and sharing learnings from my real-life experiments:

...and to cope with my existential despair I write these:

The personal learning library

I collect resources and group them into collections like these, and I try to add as much metadata as possible:

You can read about the motivation behind the library here. The TLDR: I have come across a ton of resources over these years of trying to understand the world and myself, and though tons of people share their bookshelves online I have always felt this wide gap in sharing these resources in an efficient, meaningful and connected manner. The library is in its infancy at this point but I am optimistic about its progress. I am seeing this as a lifelong project. 

Other experiments

Though I am skeptical about my own capacity to work on screens for extended periods of time, I am hopeful I can become the hare and learn to work on my interactive experiments a little bit by a little bit. Perhaps one day, I can resume working on the p2p learning network, and also a ton of interactive storytelling and data ideas I have in mind.


Please only support me if you are in a position to do so, and all I'm asking for is $1 per patron. I believe that information should not only be accessible to the privileged, so my content will never be behind a paywall. All my posts on Patreon will be public viewable, so you don't have to become a patron to see them. I am not in a financially precarious situation for now, but it will be nice to offset some server and software costs here and there (they all add up, and maybe one day I can afford more than a $5 digitalocean droplet). Please do support another Patreon creator if your patronage dollars are limited and you feel there is someone else more in need.

I am also struggling with chronic health issues, so there may be long periods of time when I don't send updates, but you can always pop over to my website to see what I'm up to as I write at least almost once a week regardless of health, if not more. For me, this is my way of feeling less alone, to be connected to people who are truly interested in my work no matter how obscure or piecemeal it may seem to be. Thank you for your generous attention. :)

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