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is creating awareness raising content on Domestic Abuse, Racism & Veganism

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Anti-Racism - Student/low income

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The Anti-Racism Package 
  • Understanding whiteness and privilege
  • Dismantling whiteness and privilege
  • Anti-racism allyship
  • Institutional racism and macro level issues 
  • Feminism and anti-racism work
  • Social commentary on race issues 
The Student/Low income Package: I am still in education and/or I frequently stress about meeting basic needs and don't always achieve them 
  • Patron-only Q&As

Domestic Abuse - Student/Low Income

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The Domestic Abuse Package
  • What is Domestic Abuse?
  • Signposting/Avenues for support for victims (non-therapeutic)
  • How to support someone who is being abused
  • BAMER experiences of abuse
  • Intersectionality in Domestic Abuse Practice
  • Trauma and mental health impacts
  • Social commentary on women's issues 
The Student/Low Income Package: I am still in education and/or I frequently stress about meeting basic needs and don't always achieve them

**Disclaimer: as a qualified and practising Domestic Abuse support worker I am bound by institutional ethics. This page offers information , signposting and open communication but does not offer therapeutic services including 121 support. 
  • Patron-only Q&As

Veganism - Student/Low Income

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The Veganism Package
  • Vegan guides
  • Easy veganism on a budget 
  • Lifestyle vs diets
  • Animal rights activism
  • Intersectional/Ethical Veganism
  • Social commentary on animal rights issues 
The Student/Low Income package: I am still in education/I frequently stress about meeting basic needs and don't always achieve them 
  • Patron-only Q&As



About Evie Muir


About me:
My name's Evie. I’m a Sociologist, Intersectional Feminist, Anti-Racism Activist, Domestic Abuse Specialist, Freelance Journalist and vegan (whew!)

I have two degrees; a BSc in Sociology and a MSc in International Development, I specialised in Gender Based Violence within each. I'm considering doing a PHD on the issues within the Domestic Abuse sector but currently very overwhelmed at the prospect. Professionally, I am a Domestic Abuse Specialist, supporting BAMER (Black, Asian, Minority Ethic and Refugee) victims and survivors. I am a CPD trained Trainer and am qualified to deliver trainings, workshops and conferences on abuse, exploitation and wider women’s issues. I also possess Level 3 Domestic Abuse and Level 3 Safeguarding vulnerable children and adults training, Trauma-Informed practice, Coercive Control, FGM, Forced Marriage and HBV, self harm and Mental Health First Aid, among others (not bragging, just proving I'm no fraud). I'm part of the SheFest South Yorkshire team, curating a Feminist fringe festival in celebration of International Women's Day. I am a Freelance Journalist and have written for platforms such as; Aurelia Magazine, the Metro, Restless, Lacuna Voices, Brightzine and others. 

I am open about my experiences and my personal development. I am;  a mixed-race Afro-Caribbean woman living in Sheffield. I'm a Cis-gendered woman, heterosexual and bi-curious. I have been diagnosed with BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder), PMED (Pre-menstrual Exacerbation Disorder), PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and Anxiety and Depressive disorders, but won't be dedicating a  tier to these at this time - I need a social life too! I am a Domestic Abuse survivor and am at a point where I can openly talk about my experiences of abuse, however my posts will be mainly informative, and may only use personal details as anecdotes.

Why I created this Patreon: 
  1. To move my rantings off my social media. All I wana do is post pictures of my hiking adventures without being bombarded with well-meaning questions or ill-meaning abuse as the result of an awareness raising post. Whilst social media is great for this, it perpetuates problematic racial narratives whereby white followers will feel entitled to free education (exploiting black women for free labour) or to insult you for speaking uncomfortable truths. 
  2. Being a freelance journalist (particularly a female, black freelance journalist) is exhausting. Discussing marginalised people's lived realities is often perceived as too "controversial" for mainstream media, thus loosing out on income. (Check out the #fuckyoupayme hashtag)

My Packages:  
I am currently offering 3 packages; The Domestic Abuse Package, The Anti-Racism  Package and The Veganism Package. Each package will explore the differing areas of social injustice, and will include historical context, contemporary examples and tools designed to help my Patrons learn, unlearn, mobilise and grow. Depending on the success of each package, and my own personal capacity, I will explore the potential of Mental Health packages also. 

What to expect from my Patreon: 
  • 3 pieces per month. 1 piece on Domestic Abuse, 1 piece on Anti-Racism, 1 piece on Veganism. If you are subscribed to only 1 package, you will receive 1 article per month.
  • An inclusive space open to all gender identities, ethnicities and sexualities
  • A non-judgemental space, free from victim blaming 
  • A platform for open communication and encouragement to pro-actively engage in activism
  • The discussing of difficult, uncomfortable or triggering topics 
  • Encouragement and support to aid your self growth and social activism
  • Information and signposting 
  • Sociological, culturally competent and intersectional analysis of social injustices
  • Content which may be triggering due to its sensitive and personal nature - content and trigger warnings will be used consistently. 
  • A zero-tolerance policy on racist/misogynistic/homophobic harmful or hurtful comments

What I ask of my Patrons: 
  • Approach each article with an open mind and a willingness to learn 
  • A commitment to unlearning and relearning social untruths and a commitment to challenging pre-existing biases 
  • An openness to constructive criticism, to be challenged and to the possibility of being “wrong”
  • An understanding of and adhering to the boundaries of both myself and others 
  • Be patient with me if I have periods of inactivity. I recognise 3 posts per month is relatively ambitious but want to maintain a level of consistency across each platform. That being said I have personal and professional commitments along with a cocktail of Mental Health issues (see above) which may mean I’m unable to be productive 
  • To explore and implement self-care and grounding techniques and to ensure your wellbeing is prioritised as some content may be triggering
  • To participate in open communication - no question is a silly question. Communicate what you are enjoying/finding difficult, and feel free to submit any queries or requests for further information/clarification
  • To select the payment package that fairly represents your income. I know it's tempting to always go for the cheaper option, but if you can afford to pay more please do in support of black female writers. This entire Patreon venture is a move away from black female activists providing free labour in the form of awareness raising and educational material. 

Looking forward to learning (and unlearning) with you...

Evie x 
(Instagram: @xeviemuir)
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When I reach 500 patrons I'll make a "Mental Health Package" 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 28 exclusive posts

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