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Thank you so much for visiting xhalr, and hopefully finding it useful. If you'd like to show your appreciation, you can do that here. The site will be free forever, and you can help keep it that way for others.
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This tier doesn't get you anything yet. I think you can choose to give any amount no matter the tier. You should feel no obligation to choose this tier. The site is free, and will always be.
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About Hamilton Cline

I made the breathing site xhalr.com a long time ago. On a whim, based on a gif. And now thousands of people use it every day to help themselves with breathing exercises, anxiety, and many other uses that I had no idea about when I first created it. I'd like to keep this site up and running and as simple as possible forever. This patreon is a way to possibly help that happen.
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If 10 people become patrons of this page, I will remove all ads from the site. It's true there's only one ad in the sidebar, but it will be gone. For everyone.
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