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About I. Yosun Chang

Dear World:

I love building innovative software that is meaningful and can change the world—by helping people in ways that I just don’t see others doing. AR Creator apps for everyone! 

Recently, the app platforms I build solo seem to appear too polished, and become mistaken as standalone startups, such as: ArtformAR (Top 10 Startups Disrupting Museums on MuseumNext) and HoloYummy (Launch Festival 2016 AR/VR AMA). Believe it or not: other than client projects and a few awards here and there, I’m actually not funded.

Here are a few current projects:
Wall Secret is textual found art meet geocaching—or AR graffiti for everyone! It lets you put beautiful secret messages on any wall (surface) that anyone can later scan to view on the same (surface)!

PlayGAMI is an augmented reality origami creativity platform that lets you draw on real origami paper to instantly digitize into an AR game character!

PlayGAMI is part of Project Sur.faced.io, which includes a variety of instant draw-on-paper to AR digital magic!

faced.io includes a variety of AR face-tracking related creator tools

Digitizer lets you draw on paper and instantly wear it on your face.

faceShop.io which is Photoshop for AR filters - that runs on your iOS or Android device.

faceStylr is Polyvore for your face - it also won the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon Grand Prize last year (again).

SnapShop.org is an AR ecommerce platform I built - it won TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon Grand Prize in 2016. 

Some context: For the past ten years, I’ve been building mobile AR apps for iOS and Android—and by extension, also VR apps on Cardboard/Daydream, Oculus, Vive and XR apps on HoloLens and Magic Leap and beyond. I have also worked with various peripherals, from haptic body-tracking suits to 6-dof ring’s to all kinds of depth-sensing cameras and more! (A bit more context is available on my SIGGRAPH interview here.)

Here are some of my favorites:

PlatoAR solves the hard problem of actually teaching math educational concepts in a magical way, that also meets Common Core requirements and changes examination results.

ARDoggy / ARKitty / GiftGAMI series

Ant Problem turns any surface into… an ant problem.

Diorama Infinity turns your Amazon Alexa Echo Show into an AR diorama box!

Number the Stars - rails-based connect the dot VR game for Gear VR from 2015!

Here’s a partial timeline of some of the non-client stuff I have built in the last year. Here’s a high level overview of the byprocess of being good at creating stuff and winning all the big hackathons out there. And here's my Devpost profile. 

I’ve been solo engineer-designer-project manager-idea-everything for the projects listed above. You might have seen some of these projects at CES, SXSW, Makerfaire, Augmented World Expo, SIGGRAPH and other industry events. I am indebted to friends who help volunteer at my booth to help me show my work.

I’ve also given a SXSW talk titled AR Hacking My Way Out of Deep Depression, ironically while being depressed. It’s another hour long demo jam of stuff I’ve made.

Ironically, I was super depressed. Here's me a lot less depressed with my corgi giving my ARHacks Live DemoJam talk at Developer World Congress: 

I live to build (cool) stuff.
Please support my Patreon to help me keep creating!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 35 exclusive posts

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