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 This is for kind souls who’d like to donate and support this comic! :’) Thank you!

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About yukunka

Hello! I'm yukunka, the artist behind a gothic fantasy BL webcomic called Whispers from Beyond the Walls. It's free to read here: tapas or here : webtoons. This patreon is for early pages of the comic, its uncensored NSFW pages, and the extra illustrations it entitles! 
I would love to dedicate my time to this comic and feed myself / pay rent without worrying everyday. I love what I do, and if it could earn from it I would be the happiest hobo in the world. :') Any support is immensely appreciated! Thank you so much for any interest!  
Comic pages: Pages are uploaded on Sat. & Sun. EST every week, currently +70 pages ahead of any public updates!
 Please check out the QUICK ACCESS links below for easy reading/ seeing extras.  (This comic reads from Right to Left )

All tier extras, explained :

  • two 4-koma pgs / month : The content will be drawn according to popular vote via patreon poll :^) It can be mostly anything : nsfw, comedy, daily life, AU, chibi, etc! Currently drawing “Nape Kisses - NSFW".
  • worldbuilding sketches : few sketches (3-5) and behind scenes of what I draw to build the world of Whispers, such as clothes, buildings, poses, details, furniture, Cecil's body, some AU settings with the two of them, such as harpies.
  • 1 exclusive wallpaper / month : A wallpaper in HQ res only for patrons :-) 
  •  personalized chibi messages (Once per 4 months) : Just for you! a digital chibi, speaking of what you want to hear! Whispers characters only. Can be used on your site with credit. Cannot be used commercially or reprinted.
Once or twice per year I do my best to print free postcards for patrons. More details here!

★★★ ! QUICK ACCESS ! ★★★
Episodes 1-8 can be read on 
tapas (heavily censored) or webtoons (NO NSFW pages).

★ Ep 5 NSFW ★
★ Ep 6 ★
★ Ep 7 ★
★ Ep 7 NSFW ★
★ Ep 8 ★
★ Ep 8 NSFW ★
★ Ep 9 ★ ★ Ep 9 NSFW★
★Ep 10 ★
★ click here for ALL 4-koma ★☆(only) canon 4koma☆
☆(only) AU 4koma☆

★ click here for ALL NSFW 4koma ★
☆(only) 4koma nsfw AU☆

☆all WIPS☆☆Process VIDEOS☆★ Wallpapers ★
★ Worldbuilding Sketches ★

" Cecil is a vampire living in an old castle. Due to his unusual thirst for blood, he was never allowed to go outside. Cecil's servant, Wilson, amidst all the vampire drama, finds himself wanting to change his Master’s life forever. Will he succeed? "

70% complete
Would help me a lot in paying rent without holding back on food lol sob
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