Zac Anger

Zac Anger

Creating free software and music

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I'll list you as a sponsor on new music releases on Bandcamp, and new YouTube videos.


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Lower tier benefits, plus I'll list you as a sponsor on new open source projects! My npm packages are downloaded almost 100k times per month last time I checked, so this gives you some visibility!


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Lower tier benefits, plus prioritization of feature ideas and bugfixes!




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About Zac Anger

Hey, I'm Zac!

I make music which is free! You can just listen to it, or download it and have it, and it's yours, for no money! It's on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, and loads of other streaming services (just search for Zac Anger).

I also do covers and gear demos on YouTube!

Also I write lots of code that you can just use! It's all free, and mostly LGPL-3.0 licensed. It's all on GitHub.
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I'll focus on one specific project for a month, musical or technical, community's choice!
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