ZeMarmot team

ZeMarmot team

Creating an Animation film, GIMP and other Free Software

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About ZeMarmot team

Pour une description du projet en français, cliquez ici.
Per una descrizione in italiano del progetto, clicca qui.
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We produce an animation pilot: ZeMarmot

ZeMarmot is a project of 2D animation movie, to be released under Creative Commons by-sa /Art Libre licenses and fully made with creative Free Software (GIMP, Blender, Ardour…).
We are currently producing the pilot episode, as introduction for a longer story.
The director and main artist is Aryeom, who trained and graduated in Fine Arts (major "animation film") in South Korea and has been a professional animator and film director for years.

We develop GIMP and other Free Software

Jehan is the main developer of GIMP, its maintainer and contributor of many other Free Software.
As maintainers, we have a wide area of interest for GIMP: we fix bugs (a rock-solid software is the first step to quality and professional workflow), we improve existing feature (painting of course, but also filter infrastructure, better usability and graphical interface, eventually adding animation support, non-destructive workflow…) and regularly implement new features too. We are also really interested in enhancing the plugin experience by an order of magnitude.

What you get from it?

This movie is fully released under a Libre license. You will be able to watch it online, download it, share it, send to friends, remix it… Even raw resources will be freely released. In the end, this will be your movie as much as ours.

The second win is Free Software. This movie is not only a showcase, made with Free Software, we do contribute code (and not just "a bit"). By funding us, you fund GIMP development, as well as for any other Free Software which we need to fix in the course of our project.

The third win is knowledge sharing. We organize workshops sometimes, and we document our process regularly (our production blog is a good starter), because we don't believe in secrets and think that knowledge has to spread.

So what do you get when you contribute? You get your own movie, better free software, and knowledge about painting, animation and film making. We will likely release everything earlier to our contributors, but you should know that nothing is planned to be contributor-only. In the end, everything should be for everyone.


Marmot likes to sleep, eat, and sleep again. One day, an old migratory bird tells him of the wonders of the world. Marmot decides to leave his home for the trip of his life and find the ultimate napping spot.
From Iran flying carpets to Paradise pacific island, Marmot will wander over the world and be the first marmot explorer. Will he find what he is looking for?

Who makes it?

Aryeom and Jehan are the project founders and its main participants. For us, digital arts creation and software development are intimately tied. Actually if we had not met, Aryeom may have never tried Free Software professionally and started this project; Jehan was already a Free Software developer yet he may have never become a GIMP contributor. We think that this team is the ultimate combo since the best artists should always be in control of their tools.

AMMD is a cooperative of professional musicians who also publish their music as Libre Art. They do the soundtrack.
LILA is a non-profit association under French law, for Libre Art, in which Aryeom is artist in residence. This project and funds are managed by this association.

More artists showed their interest to come onboard, 2D and even 3D artists (since there is some usage of 3D in 2D animation, nowadays). We are only listing here the people currently working on ZeMarmot.
With more funds, we would like to get more artists and more developers. Our project relies on paid work only because we consider that neither Free Software nor Libre Art mean "free of charge". This is why we need to compensate fairly any contributor to the project.
Our secret goal? We want to make a professional non-profit animation studio, which produces quality Open Movies for the cinema, while massively improving creative Free Software. We believe it is possible; therefore we rely on you to help us make this dream come true! :-)

Why Free Software?

Free and Open Source Software are like Free Speech: you don't see the big deal until you lose these. LILA wants to create a sane creative work environment, and we want to create. We also want to contribute back.
ZeMarmot is drawn with GIMP, edited with Blender, sound-edited with Ardour, all of these under GNU/Linux operating systems…
$893.48 of $7,752.84 per month
Sustainable funding for the core team (real full-time salaries, including taxes, social costs, material, workspace), i.e. for 2 people (the director and the developer).
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts

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